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12:58 PM

 Wore this yesterday when it was beautiful outside for a few hours. You wouldn't tell by how it looks out there today, typical grey-cast sky. I usually forget to post pictures with my purses or jackets, well here is a bag that I just thirfted for $2.00. It's pretty big, and so far I like it. I found out that I need to go jacket shopping yesterday when the only ones I have are my winter coat, or a super thin jacket. I stole Kyle's hoodie when we went out lol.
Onto today's project :) Yesterday I finally got around to balancing my checkbook after my tax return. I have some credit card debt, and school loan debt and I am always trying to figure out which is the best way to pay everything off. I typically would divide up my money and just pay a bigger amount on the bill with the highest interest rate. When I got my return this year, I realized that I could play off a good chunk of my debt. I pondered the best option and then I came to a conclusion: Instead of paying off the highest interest first, pay off the bill with the lowest dollar amount first, then apply the money that I would normally use on that bill to the next one. For instance: 

Bill:                       credit card                 school loan 
Owe:                     $300.00                      $1000.00
monthly payment:  $50.00                        $100.00

Instead of paying $50.00 on the credit card, pay $100.00 then when it is paid off, put $150.00 toward the loan. It will then get paid off quicker because you will have more money paying on the debt. I am really excited about this because I figured out that the way that I had been paying on my debt was going to take me about 2.5 years to pay it all off. The way that I am paying it now, it should take about 14months. I guess that is really true if I use the money from the paid-off bill and apply that exact amount to the next bill.  

Anyways, I am sorry if this post was a little boring, but I figured that someone else might want to take a stab at it. 


Shirt & Shorts: F21
Scarf: Dollar General 
Tights: CVS
Socks: Payless
Purse: Thrifted via Regeneration
Boots: Sears Essentials.

To-do list:
Finish close reading paper
Finish homework
Finish reading SLUT!
Make appt for Ortho & academic adviser
Create Flicker account
Balance checkbook
Write Jessica
Go to the Grocery store


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14 Musings

  1. what a good post. so many young people have NO idea how to manage their debt. I actually re-worked my budget this morning so I'm in money mode!
    ps-i love your bag

  2. you look so cute!

    dont talk to me about debt, i got into tonnes and still sorting it out haha. yay for parents who let me move back home! x

  3. You look adorable, and I can't believe you got the bag for such a bargain!

    re:Thank u for the sweet comment, and that you enjoyed the blog so much that you forgot about your paper for a while..haha that means a lot.


  4. its beautiful in dc here, forcing myself to read outside later before the good weather goes

    love the shorts and tights look

  5. Love that you added a patterned scarf. Cute!

  6. Wow what a great deal on the bag (which is really cute, btw)! And sounds like you have a really good plan on paying off your debt sooner.

  7. Wish that debt plan would work for me :( Harder to do when you owe a small house in debt! Yay for you for figuring it out though!

  8. I'm not sure I completely understand how that works! I don't have any personal debt any more thankfully, just the mortgage for our flat, so it's ok. I find money stuff incredibly stressful. I know I could be putting my savings to better use, but I just can't bring myself to research it properly.

    anyway, love the bag!

  9. You look so cute, and I adore that bag!

  10. I'm out of debt finally...basically thank god, right? Very cute outfit. I love the bag!

  11. cute outfit, i like the shirt ruffles and its a great bag! good luck budgeting, it can be such a drag but sounds like you're being smart about it. i have to be better about my debt too :-)

  12. I love your blouse with the ruffles and your scarf! Sorry I can't help you but I'm awful with math :(

  13. Oh Sara! You're not just a pretty face (okay, I never thought you were just that. I just like the quote) :p
    Love your first picture! You look awesome. $2.00 for that bag? That is freaking fabulous :)
    Good luck with paying off all your debt. I don't have any yet, the joys of being young and uneducated, (It will all come next year) but I recently discovered if I put just $250 a week in savings, starting the end of March, then I will have $10,000 next year for uni and getting settled in our new house. Yayyy!
    I have a new post (FINALLY) that you can check out if you wish. Did you get my email? Can't wait to read some from you :)


  14. I love your blouse and shorts! I'm the same way with my bills, I may have to try your route and see how that goes!


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