FNF: The Art Of A Bodiatrist

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 Tonight's Friday Night Feature is one that is very exciting for me; the artwork of my brother's girlfriend, and my friend Mariah. We however, usually refer to her as "Bodiah" or when we are being more formal;"Bodiatrist". Mariah loves indie-rock, has a great sense of style, is terrific with a camera, and is an incredible artist. I am by no means an art expert. However, I have never seen anything like it before. it is very imaginative, as art typically is, but there is just something more. Mariah is currently pursuing her major in Fine Arts, but has taken the time to give me an interview and to share some of her artwork for this post. I present to you FNF: The art of a Bodiatrist. 
When did you first start creating art?
-I’ve always enjoyed painting and drawing since I was little, but I never took it seriously until the 9th grade. Then I realized art was the path I wanted to go down for a future career.
If you could describe the style of art you make, what would it be?
-There isn’t really a particular style to my artwork; I work with all different kinds. But a majority of them are either surrealism or pop art.

What exactly inspires your work? And, are there any famous artists that have an influence on your own personal work?
-Most of my artwork is either an event or a dream that has really got to my attention. Salvador Dali is my favorite artist because his artwork is incredibly out there and matchless.

Is there anything that you have not tried yet that you would like to?
-I’ve always wanted to do a portrait using only black and white stamps on canvas. I have seen something similar to that form of work before only using candy wrappers and thought it was one of the coolest things.
When do you find is the best time for you to work? A specific time of day or is it spontaneous?
-Normally I like to do my art at nighttime. By then I am relaxed and not rushing or worrying about having to get somewhere.

What is your favorite piece that you have made and why?
-My Frank the Bunny painting from the movie “Donnie Darko” I think would be my favorite. That movie has always been on my list of top movies, and that painting was specially made for my boyfriend who enjoys the film as much as I do.
Is there anything that you are currently working on at the moment?
-There is an eerie picture taken in Berlin during WW2 of a sculpture called the Barmaley Fountain. The sculpture is a group of children dancing in a circle holding hands, but in the background there are burning buildings from when the Nazi troops invaded Berlin. Right now I am doing a painting of that using only a few dark colors.
 *my favorite
Finally, what is your ultimate goal for your artwork?
-My goal is to make artwork that people will consider unique. I try to not let my artwork appear dull or effortless, and I always look for a challenge in a piece that will build character and technique. Later down the road I hope to have some sort of career on art, but for now I still have a lot to learn.

 I would like to thank Mariah again for taking the time to conduct this interview with me. With talent like hers, you can expect to see some follow-ups here on She is Sara. 

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8 Musings

  1. Awesome interview! She seems so cool and interesting. I love the Frank the Bunny portrait, so surreal and eerie.

  2. I love that ice cream painting

  3. I agree love that ice cream painting.

    And isn't it so fun to know other artistic people? I loved being in art class and seeing my real artistic friends at work. While I was attempting to draw proper stick figures, they were creating texture with white paint! It seems your friend is going to have a very successful art career!

  4. the blue one with the jellyfish is wonderful!
    ps-the weepies <3

  5. wow; her work is amazing. She has such amazing talent! This interview was really good btw, I would love to see that portrait made out of black and white stamps!

  6. Sara your Friday Night Feature's are one of my absolute favorite posts to read each week - loving this one! Mariah is amazingly talented!! :)

  7. i think there's a lot of backlash for pursuing fine arts after high school, so i have immense respect for people who persevere and keep at it! she is one talented gal!

  8. wow, she's very talented! I love the jelly fish and also the first drawing. Wonderful!


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