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I honestly cannot explain what was going through my mind during these photos. Except for that perhaps my afternoon caffeine might have kicked in during the last one. Currently, exactly half of my entire wardrobe is on my sofa. The sofa that is in plain view of the window for all of my neighbors to see. Seriously, they should come by and help me pick out my outfits or something. The big window is lovely, however it makes me feel like a damn goldfish at times. 

Anyways, the cascading pile of laundry will stay there. Possibly until I get over my fight with Wallace Stevens. How dare he write such an enticing poem that I decided to conduct a five-page close reading on that was mostly me just repeating myself over and over. ugh. So moving onto this weeks poem!! Yay! I did not have workshop this week because of one-on-one counseling with our instructor so I am going to present to you my poem that I submitted for the motor city blog. (sorry for those who have already seen it) I am not sure if I am pleased with this poem or not. I did write it based off of a photo though, which I have become more attracted to this process now that I have done it. I may have to work more with this experiment. Enjoy!



Adorned with a pretty disaster
Forgotten in your face.
We scatter around in realization
That we have time, space.

If there is beauty in the forgotten
And if there are holes that lie,
The stranger will come around
And he will know that we still try.

Top-Gift from Mom
Belt-Thrifted via Regeneration
Skirt-Thrifted via Salvation Army
Tights (both pairs)-CVS

To-do list:
Finish close reading paper
Finish homework
Finish reading SLUT!
Make appt for Ortho & academic adviser
Create Flicker account
Balance checkbook
Write Jessica
Go to the Grocery store

Bien Mardi Gras!

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14 Musings

  1. I love the colors in your outfit!

    and what a wonderful little poem :]

  2. Sara I LOVE that poem. It's short and sweet yet says so much. I like the fact that it's slightly somber yet full of hope at the very same time. Love, love! And I need your belt - it makes me think of Spring!! :)

  3. You darling,are a master of layering!

  4. I love the pictures! :) you're all supermegahappytimes! x

  5. I really like the poem, such simple wording, but I love the phrase "pretty disaster"

  6. "and if there are hold that lie" for some reason gave me chills. adorable outfit :)

  7. Great job with all the layering, you look adorable! :D


  8. don't apologize for leaving books on my comments haha, I love reading them.

    yes, I do listen to Rooney! Their first album was pure pop gold, not as into second album, but still love them!

    I never knew sweet darlin' was a Jason song, wow! that explains so much...it is may fav song on the S&H album! :)

  9. Thanks for adding me!!! (or following, whatever you like best!)

    Your blog is pretty darn cute as well! :-)

  10. I love the layering!!!

    So, what chapter are you in SLUT! now?
    Its a great book huh?

  11. Hey Sara! I love receiving comments from you - they honestly make me smile so big! My week has been going okay. It's a bit slow at work and that annoys me. I'm currently looking at enrolling in a business admin certification (that my boss has offered to pay for) and then jetting off to uni next year (I have to move to the city for this.) Studying journalism or advertising. I dunno what I want to major in yet, but slowly getting there. I just have too many ideas!

    Enough out of me. I'm going to email you from now on.
    I love this outfit. That collar is amazing! :)
    Btw, loved your interview - I was like "Awww that's my Sara!" Haha, weird? Maybe.
    How's your week going?


  12. Very cute! love the boots.

    Thank you so much for your comment :D Made my day. I shall follow you as well...you have an adorable blog.


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