Manic Panic Monday

6:09 PM

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I know I did! Kyle got us a heart shaped pizza and we stayed up all night watching movies. I was very exhausted this morning, I have a very long and busy week ahead of me so I guess this is a forewarning that my posts may be a little lacking this week. I have a 5 page close reading of a poem to start and finish tonight, a conference with my teacher Tuesday after work, school on Wednesday, a paper to start for my online class and we have the most busiest day of the month at work Friday-bulk inventory (fun). I have to make some appointments for next week, any suggestions for colors for the braces? Oh and i may have forgot to mention this before, but I have jury duty Thursday. I have never been before, so I am trying to use this as a positive experience, and hopefully get something out of it. I also should be going to apply for my enhanced ID this week so I can go to Canada for my brother's girlfriend's 19th Birthday. 

This week also begins the first week of our weight-loss program at work. I somehow got put in charge of this "biggest loser" knock-off in our Detroit location. Everyone puts in $10 that wants to join, the company matches the total amount and after 10 weeks we divide up the money into first, second and third place prizes. Anyways, it should be fun because we always leave random things on each others desks to throw each other off, like doughnuts.

Shoes & Headband-Target

To-do list:
Finish close reading paper
Finish homework
Finish reading SLUT!
Make appt for Ortho & academic adviser
Create Flicker account
Balance checkbook
Write Jessica
Go to the Grocery store

**My interview with One eskimO is now posted up on MCB, check it out :)

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13 Musings

  1. love the belting here

    wow, does sounds like a crazy week, but you seem like you're on track with it all, good luck!

  2. im obsessed with your sweater, and doing that "biggest loser" thing is worth getting treats!!!! forget losing weight...TREATS AT YOUR DESK! Im so jealous.

  3. Ahh! Sounds so insanely busy!!! But kind of fun at the same time, maybe? And I'm glad you and Kyle had a lovely Vday!

    PS Love the outfit!!

  4. Cute outfit! And the biggest loser sounds hilarious. I would love to come to work and find random goodies on my dest.

  5. Thanks for checking out my blog! Bring a book or magazine and your MP3 player for jury duty.

  6. Very cute dress and cardigan. Happy belated Valentine's!

  7. Like outfit! :D I follow you ! :)

  8. Your work place is doing the biggest loser? Lol. What about people that don't need to lose weight? I think that is the most random thing. I wouldn't mind joining just for all the free sweet treats people would throw at me :p

    Good luck anyway!
    Going to read your interview now Sara, glad you had a great Valentine's Day - how did your boyfriend get hold of a heart shaped pizza? Cutest thing! xx

  9. Your dress AND your vanity behind you are fantastic!

    Nicely done!!!!

  10. cute outfit! it's so girly. i love it

  11. Jjaja the biggest looser thing sounds like a pretty good idea actually. I love the cardi you used here! so cute!

  12. oh I really like this look!


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