Oh Here It Goes Again.

6:27 PM

 I wore this to dinner last night with Kyle's family. We celebrated his younger brother Chris's birthday, and since it was his birthday, it was up to him and his lovely wife Michelle to pick out a place for us all to eat. He picked a Cuban restaurant called  Cafe Habana , located in downtown Royal Oak (It is always awesome when we go out with them, they always pick someplace we have never been before, even if the place is two blocks from our apartment). Kyle and I split some fish taco's, and some arepas (corn meal cakes with goat cheese and yummyness)  Everything was delicious! We even got some churros with chocolate for desert. The prices weren't too bad either, which is always a plus. The place gets bonus points for me because my friend Alex from school works there, and it was a pleasant surprise to see her. 

The entire weekend was pretty fun actually, after work on Friday, the boss and I headed to  Cliff Bells, just down the street from our work in Detroit. It has to be one of the prettiest bars I have ever been to, it is technically a jazz lounge, and it has some amazing woodwork, a pretty decent stage, an awesome bar and the bathrooms have powder rooms attached! The lighting is dim, so my camera would have been horrible in there, but next time we go I hope to have my new camera. I also have the chance to meet my best friend Jamie's new beau Friday night, he is a really cool guy, I can honestly say that I approve, (I usually hate every guy my friends date). We all headed to the Berkley Front to play some pool (I even got two in!!) I have yet to get Jamie to be on my team, she knows we will lose if I am on her team lol.

Saturday was pretty fun too, I did some homework in the morning that I had forgotten about at the last second, then after a nice walk with Louie, we met up with my brother and his girlfriend Mariah, and went bowling at a place by Kyle's work because he had some free bowling coupons. It was a lot of fun, we bowled five games, and I won two of them. Mark did so well that he bought one of the bowling balls and named it "lucky". 

This week I am on break!! I have a TON to do as usual, but I am meeting up with some friends tomorrow night for a birthday. I am hoping to actually finish my to-do list this week, so here it goes, again. ;) 

Dress-Thrifted via Salvation Army
Tights-CVS (they are ribbed!) 
Boots-Sears Essentials. 

To-Do list: 
Finish Homework
Disney Paper for WGS
Finish Reading SLUT!
Read "Can't buy my love"
Edit poems 
Buy stamps
clean the apartment
buy Camera!!!!!!

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11 Musings

  1. Just me :)
    That dress shows off your figure wonderfully Sar, and it is a lovely colour. You girls have been killing me with your thrifted goods lately - there are no good op shops in WA I swear, the ones in the city all get raped by uber stylish girls and that leaves nothing for lil ol me :p
    When I move there I am going to go on a weekly expedition to new suburbs and try to find one that actually has a few goodies.
    Enough about me geez, that night sounds like so much fun - bowling! I suck at bowling so bad I cried the last time I went. Mum wouldn't let me put the bumpers out. It. Was. Crap. All of mine pretty much went down the gutter :p Keeping in mind that the last time I went bowling I was 13... Have a fun night out with your friends :)


  2. oh heyyy zooey deschanel's doppelganger...awesome dress!

  3. the belt was a great addition

    I love cuban food, my favorite cuban restaurant in minneapolis closed, but now that I'm in DC I should look for one!

  4. wow, i LOVE your style!!!! gorgeous!!!

  5. Really cute dress! I don't think it looks like Pjs, it looks really cozy though!

  6. Yes, yes, yes, yes! That dres is PERFECT, Sara - I love the addition of the skinny brown belt. If you ask me, a girl only needs one belt in her wardrobe - a skinny brown one!

    So glad you had a wonderful weekend; I absolutely adore jazz lounges. Unfortunately, there aren't any around my neck of the woods; but they always make me think of F. Scott Fitzgerald or Jack Kerouac.

    And look, look...I'm not the only one who thinks that Zooey Deschanel is your doppelganger - Kallie said so too!! :)

  7. LOVE the dress...reminds me of Little Women for some reason.

    Thanks for your comment...love your blog! Definitely gonna follow :D

  8. Oh the dress is beautiful! It has such a vintage feel :)

  9. That dress is lovely! :D Maybe it's the blue color, or your hairdo, but this look is making me think of (500) Days of Summer! :)



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