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5:51 PM


Last night was awesome! My Brother, his girlfriend Mariah and I made dinner for the 'rents. I think they liked it, it was a winter BBQ! We also bummed around Berkley for a bit, had some yummy beer at The Berkley Front, visited Time Travelers and I was tempted to buy some Archie comics...Then came home and took my quiz at 9:30pm (online) and got a 95%! (woot!) I also uploaded my picture from yesterdays blog to Chictopia last night and was surprised to find that it made it onto the the style gallery. I know, not a BIG deal but still :)


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4 Musings

  1. oo love the shorts and tights

  2. You look cute! And I love Archie comics! Could never choose between Betty and Veronica though -- loved them both, because I was half one and half the other! :)


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