Me & Lou & Kyle too!

6:16 PM

Hooray for $1.50 Salvation army pants! I really wanted to roll them up and wear them with heels, but Louie ate all 3 pairs of my heels recently. At least I get to go shoe shopping right? Anyways, I have been bombarding my blog with clothing posts lately. I have just been having fun dressing up or down for whatever I doing lately. I managed to take a picture of Kyle, and he looks so funny.

Pants-Salvation army

Here is an awesome song for you to enjoy as well. I fell in love with it awhile ago, and Kyle got me a copy of her CD, now I can't stop listening to it. =]

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10 Musings

  1. Your outfit is really cute. :) I love the shirt and the loafers are great! I'm sure the look would have been fantastic with heels, but the loafers give it a whole other twist. So great that you snatched those pants for such cheap price!

  2. cute outfit. the pants!! what a steal!

    & thanks for your comment - definitely agree that media kind of forces you to the extremes. you either care LOTS, or you dont care at all and become overweight.

  3. great find! i wish i could have that shirt!!! did you buy it recently?

  4. Love Nina Simone!

    And your top and cute hairband are so darling!

  5. that's such a beautiful top, and lovely song :)

  6. Ahh Nina...good call, great song!...

  7. hey, i passed on the beautiful blogger award to you! thanks for reading my blog and having a wonderful one yourself :) ps-im following your blog!! sorry it took me so long

  8. You are too cute.

    And I love Nina Simone so much, my car is named after her. True story.

  9. From what it looks like from an earlier comment you've already received an award for you blog, but I wanted to give you another :) Check it out on my blog :)


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