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11:13 PM

I was supposed to post a few things today, but I have something wonderful to share with everyone. The talent of my friend Hassaun aka "Chocolate bear" (we watch a lot of Scrubs).
You may have noticed a little picture that I had added about a month ago to my blog: 

Hassaun digitally painted this picture of Moi et Louie for me for X-mas. :) I think it is unique and awesome! He has a blog up for his art but it is a work in progress and is not up and running just yet. However, when I saw these, I could not resist but post something about them, and share them with everyone. 

*Not sure if this next one is the correct picture, but you get the drift. 

 Hassaun's style varies, there are several different types of art he has created that I really enjoy, however, I did not ask him before I posted these and I feel that he would like to make the grand presentation of the rest of his art. However, I can't help but sneak in this last one because it is too sweet. 

*More on these guys here

What do you guys think? Awesome no? =]

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9 Musings

  1. The illustrations are lovely :D

  2. I think his stuff is awesome!
    I wouldn't mind having a painting of my kitties made. Is he setting up shop soon? :)

  3. so cute! what a talented friend you have!

  4. awesome, such talented illustrations!

  5. They Are FANTASTIC! They remind me just slightly of Richie's from the Royal Tennembaums! So great! You are lucky to be a muse to such talent!


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