Coming Home

1:13 PM

Yesterday Kyle and I saw an amazing show at the Filmore Detroit. City and Colour. They were awesome! They sung my favorite "Home" first, and even though it was a shorter show, we had a blast!

Dress: F21
Orange Flannel: American Eagle 
Tights: Target
Boots: Payless
Bow: CVS

I wore this to the show and around all day. We also went on a shopping trip to Salvation army and Target. Kyle actually bought clothes, I was amazed. I bought him a vest and a shirt that he was eying-up but didn't buy. He said that he would let me take pictures of him in his new studly duds after we get them all washed :)

On a busier note, I have hit the workload full-on with school, work alone has been insane so I have been getting OT, and tomorrow is my parents 25th anniversary. My brothers and I are supposed to be planning a winter BBQ tonight, (I am actually supposed to head to the store with them in an hour, and I am in my sweats, and have a quiz to take for my online class and questions to answer that are due today). I have also been slacking on responding to people on Chictopia :( But I am hoping to get back to everyone tonight. 

I am hoping to get more of my poems up this week too. Please feel free to give me any feedback you can on any that I have posted (they are all under Writing) even if you do not like them, I really would like to work at them. 

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9 Musings

  1. gorgeous outfit, you look so cute!

    I love the teeth bling too! I love braces, I think girls look so adorable with them! I always wanted them but they said I'd need 4 teeth out so I bailed. Whats wrong with me? I WANTED braces and glasses as a child! Born to be a geek methinks x

  2. please continue with your poems! everyone needs to/should be encouraged to express themselves!

    love the layering in this outfit

  3. i love listening to city and colour <3 great outfit!

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  4. Love your hairbow and the deep blue of your skirt! So cute.

    And I added you to my blogroll! :o)

  5. Lovely outfit miss! The flannel and bow really adds to the overall look :)

  6. thank you! i've added you as well :)

  7. Great look! I love what you've done with the flannel!

  8. Very cute! The layering is done so well.


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