The Hair Journey

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Hair is such a fascinating part of the human body. It can tell a lot about you in just a glance, it if it is tied up in a rubber band, that person might be in a hurry or might be concentrating on something and needs hair out of their face. If it is braided, or is adorned in clips, flowers or a headband, then that person may have had a little more time that day to care for their hair. Maybe it's worn long and strait, short and curly, natural and wavy or shaved. Whatever it maybe, hair is what notably describes someone. "Have you met Sam? Short girl with red wavy hair?" Hair can be an escape for girls, according to my best friend Jamie. She explained to me that girls do something drastic to their hair, reflecting on something drastic  in thier lives. The degree of drastic can vary, and this does not stand true to all females, however it seems to happen.

I pondered this and wondered if it was true. I have been one to change my hair a lot, and I have always blamed sheer boredom. Thinking back, I am starting to wonder if there had been anything going on in my life that may have initiated this series of change. I have here some photos of my hair from the past few years, and they are all different.

Bleach out.
This picture was taken sometime in the spring/summer of 2007. I was working at McDonalds at the time, full-time and going to Oakland Community College part-time. I know this was a very stressful time in my life because the workload was heavy for me, but I didn't want to drop out of school, even if it took me forever to get done. This is also around the time that I began to cut my own hair. (I have not been to a salon in 3 years).

Curly girly.

This was in the winter of 2007. I was working at Best Buy, right before I started my current job at Vesco Oil. I was a holiday cashier and I was still in school part-time. I started to wear my hair naturally wavy/curly because of all the  ammonia from the bleach in the blonde dye (instead of straightening it all the time). 

Hack job.

 Spring 2008, working at my lovely job at Vesco, and I had taken the summer off from School. I wanted to try for a darker-blonde and fried my hair. So I tried cutting it off, and it wound up looking like a cotton ball. This was also around the time when my best friend Jamie decided to leave for the summer to work to in another state. She wound up staying a year and after being so close for so long (since 8th grade!) it was awkward for me to hang out with other people for awhile without her.

No dice.

Only a month or so later, but see how the dark blonde would not take to my hair? (And also how side bangs hate to stay put.)

Literally: a mop.

I gave up on dark blonde Spring of 2008 and went to brownish red. This is the closest to my natural hair color that I have gotten in a long time. This was the spring that I finally lost the 20 pounds I gained after leaving high school (moving in with a guy, and working at Mc D's will do that). That spring was the beginning  of a better life style for me. I was eating better, dressing more comfortably, and I think this is when I gave up and let the world know that I was in love with Weezer and They Might Be Giants, and embraced my dorkyness.

Red, red again.

This picture is so washed it is scary! Although, this picture proves that I am indeed my mothers daughter. This was taken in the late summer of 2008, I was back in school, and deciding that I wanted to become a writer.

Upside down frown.

This was taken on NYE 2008, The begining of the blunt bangs & black-brown hair phase. My best friend Jamie had come back to MI, and I we were all celebrating the new year at Kyle's twin brothers apartment with friends. This was the year I finally made friends at school, this was also my last semester at OCC!

Get to work, jerk!

This is September 2009, taken at work with my cell phone. This was my first month at Oakland University, and when I started to actually use my blog. Also, at this point my puppy Louie is in my life, two of my friends became engaged and moved out of state (and are currently married) Kyle and I celebrated 8 years together, and aside from the hair being a little longer now, I still look like this. I guess I finally found my hair comfort zone.

Has anyone else been on a hair journey?

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  1. I love how you shared all of these looks! I've tried alot of them nyself actually. My hair was always a different color, cut, style pretty much up until recently.

    I've been meaning to update my blogroll for a while so I just did that this morning and added yours to it!

  2. I had a little section like that in one of my posts recently ( )

    I get bored of my hair so quickly! You're really lucky in that every style and colour has suited you!

    I'm thinking of changing mine AGAIN soon....dearie me, my hair will fall out soon! x

  3. fun post! I cannot really dye mine because my skin tone doesn't go with a lot of shades, its always been its natural brown. but in junior year of highschool I was reading too much Great Gatsby and cut my hair into a semi bobb. My mom flipped out and thought I was "rebelling," but everyone else loved it and I've kept it that shorter length since

  4. I really love this post. People don't tend to realize the change in appearance often reflects their life. I'm glad you seem to have finally found your comfort zone in both your hair and your life. :) You really pull off all of these hair colors and styles though. :) I would be so scared to try!

  5. I hadn't realized your hair took that many different phases! Awesome post :)

  6. Love your little hair evolution ! You've done so many cool things to your hair! The closest I can match is cutting my hair up to my shoulders, which was pretty awful D: Currently growing out my hair, so maybe I'll be able to crazy it out :3

  7. I most definitely have been on a similar hair journey, although I've never dared to go blonde. Wanted to. But never had the guts.

    I think the dark really suits you. I love it.

  8. You have a great blog here. I like reading personal blogs, luckily I found yours today. I have a blog myself which brings inspiration and guidance to people all around the world. Life is hard enough, and I hope that my site can provide even the slightest bit of happiness and guidance to anyone's day.

    I'd like to exchange links with you to help spread some traffic around between each other. Please let me know if this is possible. Until then, keep up the good work.


  9. cute pictures! I love you in brown hair the most!

    lovelove, M.

  10. Hi!
    I realized I never answered your question about thin hair and extensions. My sister has hair similar to yours, and shoulder length. And has the same ones as i do and wears them for more special occasions. she gets hers put in at the salon ,as if she was getting an updo done. that's the alternative if your too weary to do it yourself. but yes, it can actually help thin hair look fuller!

  11. hair has been on my mind a lot lately. i always get frustrated with mine, and i feel like there's so much possibility out there (especially with the decades and decades of hairstyles)! i gave myself bangs and have cut my hair shorter, but that's about it.

    someday, i will do something drastic, something different, something fun. i think this post inspired that day to come a little sooner.

  12. Adding your link now. Take care!


  13. I'll add your link tonight! add mine :)

    lovelove, M.

  14. i have *definitely* been on a hair journey! i permed my hair during tenth grade ... it grew out and then i started dying it very light blonde! i saw a real hair dresser (aka not someone who works out of her kitchen!) before i left for college, and she advised me to stop coloring my hair at home because it was still damaged from the perm! Sooooo i started cutting it shorter and shorter until finally I had her do a pixie cut! Then I spent all of 2009 growing the pixie out ... and here I am today with almost shoulder length hair!

  15. What a fun post! I have done so many things to my poor hair! My most drastic was when I went Marilyn Monroe platinum blonde to keep a boy in love with me (didn't work) and when he broke up with me, I tried to dye my hair back to my favorite color- red (which didn't work either as it turned my hair bubble gum pink). Hair is such a great way to express your personality!

  16. 8 years =) so romantic
    And I love your hair journey! Mine has been relatively boring. I chopped it all off right before high school to donate it, and now it's been growing out since then. And then after 13 years of no bangs (my mother refused to make me look like every other Chinese girl!), I began experimenting with different style bangs =) And today I'm waiting for my blunt bangs to grow out so I can cut them into side. HA hair really is a journey =)

  17. What a journey! Your hair has had quite an adventure. I love this post :)


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