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Of course I wait until mid-October to post a recap of September, of course! I am a full-fledged Party Cat, but I am also the pokiest of puppies. September was a fantastic month, despite all of the ups and downs.  Work has been brutal, trying so hard to stay on top of things, and I am still pretty skint, but I am managing. I have the love of so many wonderful people in my life, and that has kept me going when I have felt so very down. It is hard to believe that the person writing this blog post was such an introverted control freak a year ago, and has transformed into an almost free-spirited outgoing-introvert. People can completely change their mentality, alter their views, learn new strengths, and acquire a new disposition in as little as a few months. Personal growth, and all of that good stuff.

Anywho! Onto some of the highlights of the past month, there were quite a lot of them:

-Comics! When you forget to pick up your comic pull for a few months, you end up with loads of delicious reading material! Go figure.

-A new blog title for the new adventures that will be had and *hopefully* documented on this blog.

-The Michigan Renaissance Festival! I have always loved going up to faire, but this year was vastly different. I not only ended up with a few little jobs helping out with merch, I camped out with some of my closest friends almost every single weekend.  I made some incredible new friends as well, and have never met such a welcoming, loving group of people in my life. I value each and every one of the friendships that I made, and cannot wait to see those wonderful faces again.
*Thanks to Sergio Mazzotta for the pics below!

-Weezer! This was my first Weezer concert without Kyle, and I was lucky enough to have one of my best friends (and fellow Party Cat!) Jen with me to make some new Weezer memories. It was also their first time in Michigan in five years! So it was kind of a big deal.

-Enjoying being home. Granted, I am gone almost every weekend, but I have made time to hangout with my brothers, bake cookies, and eat all of the food in the house. Word. 


Currently I am working on my costume for Theater Bizarre, and getting ready to hit the gym with Jen, so here is where I leave you lovelies. Happy Wednesday!

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10 Musings

  1. I am glad to see you happy. Take it day by day :, Love the Pics

  2. Very cool, Pokey Puppy. Keep livin' the life!

  3. "Outgoing-introvert" is a really good phrase.

  4. Lately I've become an Outgoing introvert even though I used to be completely extraverted. . . .but it is weird how guarded I am lately compared to the past.
    You seemed to have a load of fun events! Nice!
    You have come a long way with your working out and now I feel so out of shape when I look at your pictures. haha.

  5. I love the changes you made Sarah! Change is healthy and good! We're suppose to grow. If you don't mind me asking, what happened to Kyle? I don't know if I missed it or what. I apologize if I did. You two were the best.

  6. Sounds like a pretty great month and things look like they are on the up!!

  7. I love your new blog title, and OMG, you look so gorgeous on that costume! :) x

  8. Great post!

    Sounds so exciting! The costume!

    Great new blog title too!

  9. Sweet news! Getting a new post! Hope your October is full of thrills a few chills! Great reading this!


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