Party Cat Sara

8:00 PM


If you have been following me on instagram lately, you may have noticed a few new recent changes. One: I now have purple hair. Two: I. LOVE. IT. Three: Party Cats. 

When my super-awesome friend Jen finally got around to getting a Snapchat account, her username was something about a party cat (based off of this comic strip). I of course was thrilled with the idea, and since Jen, Mariah, and I all accumulated wire cat-eared headbands, The Party Cats became a thing! We have since acquired three different sets of cat ears, and are working on a photo shoot, as well as a few other projects. 

I love it when we plan little Party Cat outings, because the moment I put the cat ears on, it's like I mentally shut out all of my problems and my worries for a few hours, because it's party time! Even if "party time" is just going out for coffee, or a trip to the mall, it is still a good time-out for all of the negative thoughts that plague my brain on occasion. I have even worn them to work a few times (usually on a Friday) because why just be at work, when you can be a Party Cat at work?!  Party Cats, it's a lifestyle ;)

Purple 2

Party Cat ears? Check.
Party hair? Check. 
Party dress? Check. 
Party shoes? Check. 
Party attitude? Check. 

It's party time. 


Dress-Forever 21

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16 Musings

  1. Maybe i need cat ears ;P, love the pics as always. You look relaxed and happy.

  2. I definitely need some cat ears! I feel like they would put me in such a happy mood :P you look great!


  3. You look amazing! Love the new hair color!

  4. Party time! I love this attitude. You cats are cool, as we used to say.

  5. I LOVE your hair color, it turned out so great! And also - I want to be a Party Cat! That sounds so fun! Love it!

  6. How fun! Looks like your summer is the best!

  7. you look lovely:-) i adore your hair, it looks incredible on you! and party cats sounds amazing, haha. i need to get myself some cat ears, i'm sure they actually do improve ones quality of life, haha! xx

  8. That has to be the cutest picture! What a wonderful idea you and your friends came up with Sara. So cool. Enjoy!!!

  9. I love everything about this post. Namely, I love your hair and the cat ears.

  10. Look at you rocking that bodycon dress - you look brilliant babe! I am so in love with those cat ears - I need a pair!


  11. Love the purple hair! It looks fabulous. I love the idea of the party cats too - glad it brings you lots of happiness! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

  12. You look so adorable as a party cat and i LOVE LOVE LOVE ( can't shout it enough) the purple hair. Did you have to bleach it before the purple colour? xoxo

  13. I LOVE LOVE the purple hair!! It looks amazing on you! Also, LOVING the whole Party Cat thing. I have to tell my BFF about it. She'll love it!



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