Gold Medal

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It's been six years, and yet I still haven't been able to figure out how to pose for a photo properly. I don't think I could stand more stiff and awkward if I tried. Bloody hell. Anyway, this has been one of my favorite outfits these past few weeks, now that summer is upon is. I found this gem of a dress while thrifting with a friend, and it is perfect for hot days at work. Our office stays cool, but I walk through the warehouse a lot, and the thing is a damn oven. Cool, cotton dress FTW!

Work has been so crazy-busy lately, and I can't seem to get caught up. I foresee some long nights coming up, but overtime is always nice, so there is that. I have also been hitting the gym pretty steadily the past two weeks, and it has helped my mental state of being immeasurably. The party cats and I are throwing a shin-dig at my house this weekend, and have been plotting this event for a month! I am planning on taking loads of pics, so blog post to follow on that. Also, as if I didn't have enough going on, I am running the Run, Walk, Boom! 5k Saturday morning! I hadn't ran since November, but I managed to get some miles in this week, and am looking forward to a run. 

Red2 Red3

I think I am sort of addicted to being insanely busy. I think it comes with so many years of being a student while working full time, and I *almost* miss being in school. I like being busy though, it keeps life interesting, and it forces me out of my comfort zone. I am very excited for so many projects, trips, and events this summer. I typically am not a huge fan of this time of year, but, this year has been pretty good to me so far, and I am just taking each day as it comes. Which is a really nice change for a control freak like me. 


Also! I have been on the HUGEST Donnas kick lately. I found one of their old albums, and cannot stop listening to it. My favorite album is Gold Medal, and I only have it on vinyl, which kinda blows since my record player has been on the fritz. I love them because they are a straight-up rock band, but, all female! All of their songs are about partying, boys, and being total badasses. I love this song "I don't want to know (If you don't want me)" because it is so possessive and creepy. So! That being said, enjoy! And please check them out, even if they *might* be on hiatus for the moment. Because we need more female lusty songs in the world, dammit!

Dress, Bag, & Shoes-Thrifted
Scarf-c/o Modcloth
Sunglasses-Forever 21

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13 Musings

  1. I know what its like to run around a warehouse. Ours was 37F the other day and the office was like 90F. I am really bored at work so i will sit here and do nothing lol

  2. I love the Donnas and your outfit. :)

  3. Since you're so awesome, I'll have to check this band out!

    And, if you ever discover the secret to not being awkward in outfit photos, let me know!

  4. Super cute outfit! The dress is darling and I love that little bag! And I still don't know how to pose without being awkward too!

  5. your dress and bag are lovely! and i wish my life was a bit busier as i have nothing going on right now, haha. xx

  6. You're looking so cool! I totally love your hair and that dress rocks! :)

  7. I am always busy too. Lately I haven't been so busy and it literally makes me feel sick. I hate just laying around, it makes me feel worthless. Anywhoooo your outfit is super cute. That dress was a thrifted treasure.

  8. I am so in love with this dress! The print is just perfection, and pockets!

    Don't even get me started on The Donnas! I used to be such a huge fan, must listen to them again!


  9. Hooray for a fantastic thrift find! This red dress is so pretty on you and I'm in love with how it looks with your purple hair.
    I'm glad to know things are going well with you and you're keeping busy. Have fun running your 5k!

    Jamie |

  10. Such an awesome outfit! Oh, I love your outfits and how you take them! All the best with lots of summer fun!!!

  11. Yeah! For the Donnas! & you too! In this brilliant color!

  12. beautiful as always dear! Always love your purple hair:)

    check out mine?

  13. Cotton dresses are always the best when you want to stay cool. Oh gosh, I know what you're talking about when it comes to warehouses. They can get so steamy. Usually they have little offices that you can run in to(the air conditioner is on full blast and then they're super cold). I'm so glad I never had to work in one, but I had to go there many times. That shindig is going to be a blast. Look forward to seeing your post about it Sara.


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