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Currently I am sipping on a Blue Moon, frizzy hair in a bun, and wishing that the cheap, plastic fan beside me would cool my skin a bit faster. Alas! Such is life. Today I tackled a bunch of stuff at work, took the dogs for a walk, gave the kitchen a good wipe-down, and finally sorted the laundry. A pretty mundane Tuesday, amiright? Well. At least there are weekends like this past one that make the boring days a little less cumbersome. 

I absolutely love camping, and this weekend was the first of three trips that I have booked for this summer (with the hope of there being more!). Kyle, Nicole, Stephen, and myself all headed up to Metamora for the weekend, and it was a much needed weekend away. Kyle and I headed up on Friday night, set up camp, and had about a billion beermosas. We got up relatively early the next morning, got a canoe, and proceeded to spend the majority of the day on the lake. Nicole and Stephen arrived later that evening and we partied as hard as four nerds could possibly party at camp. I had a lot of fun, and it was really good to clear my head. We are not even finished with June yet, and my summer is getting filled up fast. I miss the early days of blogging where I documented EVERYTHING, so I am going to sincerely try my best to get back to that. Cheers!

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11 Musings

  1. Nice pictures. Good to see you enjoying life.

  2. Looks so fun, we're going to start attempting to camp soon too. We bought a tent a couple of years ago and haven't really tried it out yet, so we're going to try it at home first and then take it somewhere!

  3. Looks like so much fun. the guy on the left in the 4th picture made me laugh :P

    My sister in law invited us to go camping awhile back but we had other plans and couldn't go. She said we could all go again soon and I'm super excited!


  4. I miss camping and would love to go, kim could only do glamping as she needs the finer things like a toilet :P

  5. I love outdoors and camping. Jealous of your awesome trip. :)

  6. You guys always have a blast! Beermosas! HaHaHa I love it! Glad you all had a great time. Looks lovely Sara.

  7. This looks great, I have never been camping!

  8. Looks like a beautiful trip and some fun times too!

  9. Oh, I was wondering where you'd been..and the adventures you'd been on. Great post!

  10. It's been a while since Kris and I have gone camping like this, not since we went travelling in Europe (2011! Fuck, I'm getting old). We mostly camp for festivals, which just isn't the same - it's severely lacking in some good nature usually, but the music is usually pretty good :)

    I've never been camping with friends though, probably because we don't have close enough friends that I'd want to camp with...

    Still, that hair. Damn I want that hair!

  11. Look at you camping - so cute! I'm more of a glamper myself. I love farm life, but I'm not big on sleeping in the woods. :P



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