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Hey Everyone! I have something really awesome to share with you guys today! I know that my blog does not get a huge amount of traffic by any means, however, I do get a lot of readers from Michigan. I have so many talented friends here who are struggling artists, musicians, and small business owners, and they could use any boost they can get. So, in the next few weeks (and hopefully beyond!) I am going to try to feature a local artist/musician/restaurant/etc and see if my little blog can help make a difference.

First up we have Smoochal Designs! I have asked shop owner Casey to write up a little blurb about her awesome digital artwork shop.

(How adorable is this little knight and dragon themed one!)


"Smoochal Designs is an Etsy shop that I originally started as a way to supplement income while I was still working on my degree.  It’s become so much more than that to me since I opened it just in May 2014. It’s become a passion to create new digital artwork that families can personalize or customize to suit their needs. I’m constantly getting inspiration for new ideas and I work hard to make sure I’m proud of every design I create. Smoochal Designs has just hit its first one hundred sales, so I feel like I’m on the right path and it can only get better from here."


casey1 casey2

This is just a small sample of the items in her shop, there are loads of cool things to choose from! Not to mention, custom orders are always available. Also, please "Like" Smoochal Designs on Facebook to keep up with news on new items!

Thanks everyone, and happy Friday!

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13 Musings

  1. Oh how cute!! I love the dragon, so fun!! So awesome of you to be featuring local artists to Michigan!

  2. This is a great idea! I love getting to know small shop owners better :)

    The little knight is so cute!


  3. these are so cute, especially the first one:-) great idea for posts! xx

  4. How adorable! I love shopping smaller Etsy shops! And this one seems so great!

  5. I might not live in Michigan, but I still enjoy seeing local talent :)

    Can't wait to see more!

  6. I think it's awesome, that you'll be featuring local talent. Her designs are beautiful and I love the personalization.

  7. Le sigh...I lovelovelove! The dragon and knight images are adorable!


  8. Oooooooh awesome graphic designs! :)

  9. You do find some remarkable places to shop! Very interesting and unique!

  10. Love that you do this. Looks like a great shop! So artistic!

  11. I love that you support small shops and are so supportive of your fellow Michigan artists! Love these graphic designs!! I'll have to keep them in mind!


  12. Very cute! Love these! Well, you have a reader from Virginia!!


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