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I know it looks like all we go out to eat for is breakfast, but I swear we eat other meals. Breakfast food just becomes our favorite comfort food once it gets cold out. Last Friday night we we went out drinking, and decided on Coolidge Cafe for Saturday morning. 

Coolidge Cafe might not be as cute as some of the other cafes in the area, but this is the place to go for hangover breakfast, or if you are just starving in general. Their prices are basically standard diner prices, but you get twice the amount of food that you would normally get anywhere else. No matter what you order, you are taking part of it home. Or you could easily split any of the meals between two people, and there would be plenty! We typically go for breakfast, but Kyle and I have ventured in for lunch on occasion. Everything is pretty good! The best part? They are located in Oak Park, less than a mile from our house. Can't beat that!

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Onto the food! Coolidge Cafe has an extensive list of omelets, like, two full pages worth. It makes choosing difficult at times, but it is awesome to have so many options. My omelet was the first one pictured, Lee's favorite. It has gyro meat, onions, tomato, cheese, and sour cream. You have the choice between hash browns, or grits and since I despise grits (Midwesterner much?) I always get the hash browns. Kyle got one of the breakfast combinations,  and it came with blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs, toast, and sausage. Dan got a sausage and gravy omelet (I wanna say it was the country omelet? I know, I suck at writing things down), and it looked incredible. 

Oh and if all of that food looks a bit heavy, they offer egg-white omelets for a healthier option.

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It was hard to take pics of the interior because it was packed as usual, and despite the fact that it hasn't had an update in years (other than the new shades!), this place has a great sense of community. I feel like whenever we come in here, everyone knows everyone, and depending on which server you get, they might just start a great conversation with you. We have gone in there so many times completely giddy from the night before, being the loud assholes that we are, and they don't care. 

Oak Park may be one of the most boring cities in Michigan, but there are plenty of places to eat! I am going to try to make it a point to feature more Oak Park Eats on this blog in the future. 

For more info on Coolidge Cafe, check out their Facebook page!

*This is not a sponsored post, I just like food. 

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8 Musings

  1. Nom nom nom! I will take one of each, please!

  2. Yum! I miss american diner breakfasts so much, you just don't get the same over here in the UK, I miss pancakes and proper hash browns!! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  3. I love food blogs because FOOD NOM NOM NOM :D

  4. Omelettes are my absolute fave! :) :) :)
    AND HASH BROWNS. Geez. Yep. Going.
    Can we go?

    Love you

  5. this is one of our favorite spot. my mom and her sisters go there all the time. i just love their breakfast better than leo's or any other coney island. haha

  6. I love any cafe with a sense of community - it's very Gilmore Girls.

    P.S. Dan's choice looks kind of amazing!


  7. We hardly go out for breakfast, I'm think I'm missing something in my life after looking at those huge omelettes.
    We just about make it out in time for brunch haha

  8. now THAT is what I'm talking about! they don't skimp on the food. BIG omelettes and hashbrowns! ME LIKEY! thanks for featuring them. I'm definitely a breakfast girl.


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