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This past month, I scrolled through loads of posts of what people were thankful for: family, friends, jobs, life experiences, etc. I am, and always will be, thankful for my little fur babies. They are always happy to see me, they cuddle up to me no matter how bad I smell, and they let me maul the hell out of them. I talk to them like they are human beings, and I treat them as if I actually gave birth to them. 

However, they are not perfect. They bark, a lot, they fight over food, and they fight over a certain spot on the bed. They like to dig my underwear out of my laundry basket and eat the crotch out, they like to lick the water off of my feet when I get out of the shower, and they like to chew on my glasses. Yes, those things that let me see so that I can drive properly, and read what is on the computer screen in front of me, those things. Even though they were in my purse, all the way on the back of the counter. 

Crooked Crooked 3

That being said, I have a new pair of glasses on the way, woot. In the meantime, I probably have really crooked eyebrows, but there is a fair chance that part of it is the crooked, chewed on glasses on my face. 

They are so lucky that they are cute. 

Crooked 4

Sweater-Forever 21
Purse-Urban Outfitters
Jeans, tank, & Scarf-Target
Necklace-Motor City Comic Con vendor 
Glasses-Warby Parker 

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13 Musings

  1. Oh animals! They never fail to make life interesting! It is often good they are cute for sure! Glad you have a new pair of glasses on the way at least!

  2. What a lovely look your ballerinas are so pretty and I love your scarf!
    Have a great week end

  3. My mom's dog is always peeing all over everything and mine... always barking at some mythical creature in the air. Love them but some days... ;)

  4. The best thing about fur-babies is they have no desire to go to college, so you don't have to worry about paying that expense. Your glasses are cute.

  5. Haha your fur-babies sure do like to cause trouble, don't they? Hey at least you're getting a new pair soon! Love this outfit of yours and like I said on Instagram, your shoes are soooooooooo cute. Love them!


  6. I can't wait to bring Tripp on the plane with me.... :(

    sparrow & urchin

  7. Twinning! My animals will always be what I am most thankful for - despite fighting like the cats and dogs that they are.

    Also pertinent...I need your shoes!


  8. Pets are amazing. Your dogs are adorable! A cat situation fell into our laps and me not wanting it to go to a shelter, took it in and renamed him. Oscar has been one of the best things that has happened to me and even if he poops outside his litter box sometimes and knocks things off shelves... I still love him. I've been a little MIA so I'm currently going through your posts and catching up!


  9. that necklace is fabulous Sara! i love your whole outfit. pets are so funny! gotta love them. when i had two dogs, it was a never ending story. one ate up my parking card for college. it was all twisted up. i had to go and tell them my puppy chewed it. baby gate in place after that. then my dog decided to hide under the back ramp. i canvassed the entire neighborhood calling her name. got back and sobbed and she was lodged under the ramp. so crazy. i was both happy and mad. LOL i was fussing...why didn't you bark or say something! hahahahaha

  10. hahaha the joys of pets! They are cute though, so I guess you have to forgive them :)

  11. Ah, I love my pup too! She's gonna be my forever puppy and never grow up! :p And you're gorgeous, Sara, I love eyebrows and everything about you. Cool glasses too! :)

  12. haha, pets do make your life more interesting (annoying)! i really like your top and scarf:-) and is that a doctor who necklace i see? x

  13. Haha boo for your glasses getting chewed but hooray for new ones! I can't wait until I can get another dog. They just make life better.
    Also you look adorable here. That sweater looks super cozy and I really like all the fun colors in your scarf. Cute necklace too!

    Jamie |


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