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11:03 AM


I bought these shorts back in May, and never wore them aside from around the house. Hi, my name is Sara, and I horde things. In all honesty, they look a bit autumnal anyway. This was supposed to be a cute, simple, fall look for work. Instead I was sweating my ass off by 1:30 pm, because it got up to 78 degrees that day. Poop! I guess I won't complain too much, as much as I am ready for sweater weather, there will be plenty of colder days coming up. *grumble grumble*

Side-note: I am thinking of sewing the ends of this scarf together to make it a circle scarf. I don't imagine it to be hard, but was wondering if any of you DIY lovelies have attempted this?

Also, also, the sky was super pretty the morning we took these! However, it really just looks like I am standing in the middle of a street that really is in need of a good sweeping. Oh wait. 


Look at that awesome detail shot! You go Kyle! 

In other news: It's Friday bitches! We have a random assortment of plans this weekend: A weather-permitting bonfire, wedding anniversary things, hopefully work on the living room, and a possible trip to IKEA. I know, we do not have money for IKEA, but Kyle made the mistake of mentioning that we could go soon. You can't just throw around a word like IKEA and not expect me to go crazy. Don't worry, we will be taking my tiny car, so we won't be able to buy anything. Maybe we will just act out a couple of scenes from 500 Days of Summer. Eh, Eh? 


Sweater, Belt, Earrings, & Shorts-Forever 21
Scarf-El Dorado 
Glasses-Warby Parker

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10 Musings

  1. CUTE shorts! I love this outfit. Your weekend sounds so fun. I live IKEA and am always trying to make excuses why we need to go. Luckily, my husband sees through my crazy most of the time! Happy Friday!

  2. Oh, these are so adorable. I hope you will keep them in your fall wardrobe!

  3. Love this outfit! Hope your weekend goes well! & the pups stay well behaved.

  4. your shorts are so cute. i love shorts that look like a skirt. great print!

  5. That's an adorable belt...I love it! :) I think this outfit flows really nicely, the colors are perfect for fall. I love the looks the shoes bring as well!

  6. Hey... word's out on the Internet that you're wearing shorts. I had to come by for a look. As cute as advertised.

    I love IKEA but hate assembling their products. Beware of flat boxes...

  7. I love this look..really chic!

  8. IKEA?! When are we going to IKEA?! I love IKEA!!

    We're going to Stockholm in two weeks and the worlds largest IKEA is there... should we go for a visit, that's the question.

  9. Their is never enough time on a weekend lol, i need to do one our our weekend :D

  10. That top photo! What settings did you have your cam on? It's so dreamy! I'm still such a novice at manual - I flick things around until it looks good. Hehe. Sorry I'm so behind on your posts - I know you don't need the apology ya beautiful soul, I just want you to know that I'm still totally invested in your life, every second of every day. You can do all the things! And you are! I LOVE YOU xxoxox


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