Halloween Throwback

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With Halloween being only a week away, I thought it would be cool to look back on some of my past costumes! I have always loved dressing up for things (probably the entire basis for this blog), and Halloween is THE BEST because you can really get creative! I think Halloween and Comic Con are my two favorite times of the year.

So without further ado, here is my Halloween Throwback post:

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Josie And The Pussycats

Group costumes are amazeballs, especially when they are saturated in nostalgia. Back in 2010, I went as Valarie from Josie and the Pussycats. The best part? I only had to buy the cat ears, tail, and tambourine. People actually knew who we were too, so that was awesome. 

costumes 012

I have been a cat many times, it is a classic go-to when you are going to several different Halloween parties, or just need something quick for work. I even did a cat costume remix post! This one was from 2011.  My advice? Use regular eye liner instead of the cheap Halloween makeup (aka: the crap on my face in the above pic) for the whiskers, looks loads cuter and less messy.

Halloween costumes 001

Halloween Antics 

I also went as Kurt Cobain back in 2011, and while this was a super lazy costume, it ended up being perfect for a Halloween party that ended with a bunch of us in a cold garage playing beer pong until the wee hours of the morning, because I was warm! 

walk 078

So apparently 2011 was the year for Halloween parties! I did manage to pull off three different costumes for super cheap though. All I needed for this witch costume was a cheap hat, can't beat that!


Our first couples costume! Rose Tyler, and the Tenth Doctor, from Doctor Who. Holy hell was that wig a pain-in-the-ass, but soooo worth it! This costume was so much fun, even if people initially thought I was a Spice Girl. Poop!


Of course, I knew that everyone at work would have no idea who Rose Tyler was, so I played it safe and went as a Witch again to work in 2012. I reused the hat from the year prior, and viola! Done. 


And of course here we are with last year's costumes, my favorite costume to date, Moss and Roy from the IT Crowd! I had a blast with this one, I thrifted the whole thing, aside from the shoes (which I had), and the wig. I wore this costume a second time for MCCC 2014!

Well there you have it! I am really excited about this year's costume as well, even if we don't really have any fancy parties to go to, this year still is looking like it will be a blast! Passing out candy, eating pizza, watching Halloween movies, and then hitting up our favorite dive bar with friends. Sounds like perfection!

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14 Musings

  1. My favorite is your IT Crowd theme simply because I just adore that show! So much fun seeing all these costumes!

  2. yessss. I love Halloween posts! You've got some great ones!

    I personally love the Josie and the Pussycats one, since I've also participated in that group costume idea. :)

  3. I so love your Dr. Who Costumes! You two really get into character!

  4. Oh..my goodness! I adore them all! I hope you have a super fun Halloween!

  5. Your costumes are the best Sara! I like that you're creative. Can't wait to see what you dress as this year.

  6. In Australia it is not a huge thing, some suburbs go crazy and others don't want to have any part of it. We have been to one costume party i think.. Boo, But always fun to dress up
    The dr who is awesome ;)
    Love them all though

  7. You were the cutest Witchy Woman. Also...Josie and the Pussycats - lovelovelove!!


  8. I've never really done halloween but I quite enjoy seeing what others wear.

  9. You are really good with costumes! I love the Doctor and Rose costume but I think it is inevitable the Rose isn't going to be recognizable without the Doctor.

    I am not big on dressing up-in part I think because I get really distracted and uncomfortable if I don't feel like myself and because I don't like makeup. I would, however, find it very easy to dress up as a witch. More than one option in my wardrobe for that! LOL

  10. love the kurt cobain and the it crowd oh yeah can't forget doctor who haha

  11. I love it that you dress up every year! This is the first year that Nora and I won't be dressing up toogether and I'm very disappointed!

  12. Haha, the Kurt Cobain is awesome! Love me a functional/weather-appropriate costume!


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