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11:09 AM


At the start of the week, I promised you guys fall outfit photos! Alas, here we are and, well, these are kinda fallish! Anyway, I like this outfit. Mostly because Kyle told me that I looked like a "Professional Four" (Fourth Doctor, for you non-whovians!) all I need is a long, awesome-possum scarf and I am there! 

This week has been insane! Monday was Kyle's birthday, so we went out with some of his family to celebrate. We weren't out too late, but I was up late that night re-launching my Facebook page. A few years ago in an effort to simplify my life, I had stopped using my blog Facebook page, and instead just posted it on my regular, personal page. Since then, a lot of my friends and family actually started reading my posts, and were even going as far as to share them with their friends. I figured it would just be easier to use the regular blog page again, so that I can keep my regular Facebook page more private. 

I have really liked how this blog has been going lately, especially the past two  months. I feel like I finally have a grasp of what I want on here content-wise, and I have been more motivated. I went through a phase where I posted everyday, sometimes twice per day, and it felt like so much work. Then there was the phase where I stopped caring, but didn't have the heart to pull the plug on this blog just yet. Now, I am having fun with it again. So, huzzah!


Tuesday evening I won tickets to the Detroit Pistons game, and I took my Brother in-law Brian, my Mother in- law Debbie, and my younger brother Liam. It ended up being a blast, but again, I was up waaaaay past my bedtime. 

But that isn't the best part of this week, not by far. On Tuesday, Weezer's new album Everything Will Be Alright In The End was released! Finally! For you new readers, I am a huge, HUGE Weezer fan. I have been listening to this album almost non-stop since I retrieved it from the mailbox, and it is just amazing. There are no actual words, other than this is the best thing since Pinkerton (like, 2 of you might know what I am talking about, but whatever). I will have to sit down and try to write up an actual review for this album, but right now I can't, I love it too much. 

Oh, and I got a membership to the local YMCA this week too, so that I at least pretend to get in shape. I went after work on Wednesday, despite the fact that I had only gotten 10 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours. Motivation, or, just energized by my Weezer Fangirl reserves, you decide! 


Anyway, here is the video for their single "Back to the shack" from Everything Will Be Alright In The End. It is amazeballs, Rivers is adorable as all hell, Scott is the only one in the band who looks like an actual rock star, Pat needs to be my best friend, he is just hilarious and awesome, and Brian looks like he is advertising for a shampoo commercial with that majestic mane of his. 

I don't know how else to explain this song, other than it is an awesome rock song that hugs you like a best friend. I know, I KNOW, sap fest. Whatever. 

I have a special guest-post coming up from one of my awesome friends, as well as some more outfit photos, and hopefully some house stuff too coming up soon, so stay tuned! Oh and if you are on Facebook, please check out my page, thanks!


Blazer, belt-Modcloth
Jeans, hat-Target
Glasses-Warby Parker
Shirt, boots-Thrifted
Earrings-c/o Anjolee

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12 Musings

  1. Yay for feeling good about blogging again! And for a Facebook page! And for this outfit, I really dig it!!

  2. Awww, this post made me happy. I am so glad so many things are making you happy lately! I haven't hear the entire Weezer album yet but I am so glad it's good. I am a fan (obviously not as big of one as you, but who is?) so I will have to pick it up. Oh, and this outfit is so cute!

  3. Awesome video! Lov'n the blazer too!

  4. So love your outfit! Yeah! for Weezer too!

  5. I just liked your facebook page Sara!!! So glad you didn't stop blogging. I think as bloggers we all feel that way. I've wanted to quit. I've slowed down. I've revved it up. Crazy emotions happen when you blog. What I've learned is to blog when YOU feel like it. That's what I do. You're doing a great job. I love your blog and you as a person.

  6. I had loads of people reading my facebook too every week. Some 50 views whenever I'd post which was a little strange to me in ways.
    I think the Weezer song is good and it is interesting how it is an update since their first album in a way. hehehe. Your outfit is gorgeous on you. I love the colors too! Probably your best yet and also reminds me of Sarah-Jane Smith's outfits from her John Pertwee episodes!

  7. P.S. I haven't liked an album of Weezer's since Pinkerton. . . . so I do get you. I must hear the whole thing now.

  8. Like your outfit, the color of your blazer is beautiful!

  9. This outfit looks great on you, Sara. I love how you belted, really great look! I'm not a hat person at all, so I could have never pulled this off...but it looks absolutely amazing on you!
    Also, I am so glad you started having a fun with your blog. I really enjoying reading it, so it's great to know you enjoy what you're doing! :)

    Ashley B.

  10. Lovely outfit! The blazer is Amazing!

  11. Hooray for finding your blogging niche! Some days I feel like ditching it all; but I know that I would miss it, so I keep trucking. :D


    P.S. I want your hat!

  12. *goes off to check more songs out*


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