Red Shirt Thursday

8:28 AM


Every Thursday at my work, we do a thing: we wear red shirts. Why? Because the guys in the office don't really wear office attire, they wear different colored polo shirts with "Vesco Oil" written on them, and slacks. One time, five of them came in wearing the red shirt, and it was on a Thursday. Every Thursday has been Red Shirt Thursday ever since. 

Of course I never participated, because I didn't have a red shirt. I was often yelled at, and called "non-conformist", when clearly these people have never watched Star Trek

Anyway, I had a %20 off coupon for Modcloth, and I had narrowed it down to two items: a scarf, and this red shirt. I obviously caved, and am now the proud owner of this red shirt. The best part? It is actually a tunic, so I can wear it un-tucked too. I really love the color, although it looks a bit off in these photos, as they were SUPER bright and everything I did to edit them did nothing. Alas, I guess I'll just have to style it up again. Maybe I will go crazy and iron it next time (I won't). 


These jeans are new too! Back in July, I finally found a pair of black, high-waist jeans for super cheap on clearance at Target. I was super exited because I had been on the hunt for pretty much ever, and wanted a pair to wear to work. I wore them a few times over the summer, never really getting around to documenting them, and I never will because Joseph ate a giant hole in the crotch. Yep. As much as I like salvaging clothes, crotch-less pants were just not going to work. Kyle felt bad, and ordered me a new pair. What a guy! I should marry him, or something (insert cheesy wink here). 

It is almost the end of the week, and I cannot wait for the weekend. I have been working really hard to get caught up at work, and at home, and it is exhausting. I have been super crabby lately, and I am really looking forward to doing something that does not involve scraping paint off of the floor. Bike rides, a bachelorette party, yard work, and of course food are on the agenda. Guys, I am PUMPED. 


Tunic & Belt-Modcloth
Hat & Jeans-Target
Earrings-c/o Anjolee
Glasses-Warby Parker

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11 Musings

  1. I'd say this red shirt was a great choice! It's a really pretty color on you! I love Mod Cloth!

  2. Aww I wish we had something like 'red shirt' Thursdays at my work! This is a great outfit. :)

    xo - Sheila

  3. I really like this look! Something about the red + black + brown. Just digging the hell out of it!

  4. Modcloth, has the cutest things. I love your red shirt. My favorite color. Great jeans too! You always have the best weekends planned out. I'm totally jealous! LOVE your hat!

  5. "Every Thursday at my work, we do a thing: we wear red shirts. Why?"

    ... I totally said "Because we want to get hit by phasers!" to the bloglovin blurb, but your answer was even better. AND you followed it up with a Star Trek nod later. <3

    My dog steals my undergarments and eats them. I have a picture in which I've hung a pair around her neck as dogshaming that I obviously cannot post in public. Too bad; it's a great shot.

  6. I would love to do a blog about clothes i wear but my bright orange work shirt isn't that exciting..The only exciting thing we do at work is fish and chip friday and today is friday so Booyah

  7. I am so ready for the weekend too! Not that I have anything exciting planned haha

  8. Kyle rocks for buying you a new pair because...hello, they look AMAZING on you!

    Your weekend plans sound fab; I can't wait to see pics from all the fun!!


  9. You look comfy! And comfy are my favorite looks. :D

  10. I love that you guys do "red shirt thursday". That's pretty awesome! Btw You look beautiful in red! Not everyone can pull off that color. I love this outfit! You look super cute!



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