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Two outfit posts in a week, huzzah! I actually bought this romper two years ago and never wore it because it needed mending. It went into the fix-it pile, and I just found it a week ago. I have been seriously slacking on outfit posts, and blogging in general this year, but I really hope that I get a chance to style this up again, it is cute! Obviously I need to find a real button to sew on the front, but I think my K-9 one is doing okay for now. 

Lately with all of the flooding, and the budgeting, adulthood has been lame as pants. However, there is one thing that I have come to love at this point: not caring what people think about me. It started when I was about 23, right around the start of this blog, actually. Back in high school, you would have never seen me in shorts unless I was running around the track, or a soccer field. I have a photo of my friend Stacie and I standing in her living room in the middle of summer, she in a skirt and a tank top, me in jeans. My face is all red in the picture because I was sweating my ass off. I was so damn self-conscious of my legs, and yes, I still wish that they were thinner, but those thick legs carry my ass around all day, so they can't be that bad! Shorts, mini-skirts, vintage rompers? Bring 'em! 


I am so glad that it is Friday! We had breakfast with our friend Sara this morning at Toast in Ferndale, because our usual spot was closed due to the Woodward Dream Cruise. It was pretty good! We have been going out to breakfast every other week now, instead of every week to save money. We actually missed out on free cinnamon rolls! The manager (?) wanted us to stay until 9am because they were having someone come in, and I guess wanted the place to look busy (even though it was already busy) and offered us free rolls to stay, but alas, I already missed out on so many hours this week because of the weather/flooding. Boo! My friend Carrie showed me how to make those exact rolls though, so I should get around to doing that in the next couple of weeks. 

This weekend is looking like another busy one already. We have to get the basement back in shape, a birthday party to go to Saturday night, and of course all of the regular chores and groceries to get. It is going to suck trying to run all of my errands around the cruise, but I do most of my shopping in the city now, so I might be able to avoid the majority of it. 

My break is almost over, so back to work I go. I hope to have more posts coming up soon, one that I am really excited about in particular. Exciting things are exciting!

Vintage romper-Lost & Found Vintage 
K-9 button, purse-Gifts
Belt-c/o Modcloth
Glasses-Warby Parker

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14 Musings

  1. You're a rockstar. And I love this romper on you! Have a great weekend!

  2. I think that is the best romper I have seen! It looks awesome on you. I know what you mean, took me until 23 to really start not caring about what others think. Hope the basement is looking in better shape!

  3. You are amazing in this romper! Man that sucks about your basement...but it sounds like you are right on top of it! Have a great weekend!

  4. Ohh, that romper is amazing! I love it! not to talk about the bag...gorgeous!
    And don't worry, girl, you have great legs! ;)

  5. Your legs are not thick at all! They look awesome. Legs with a little muscle are much more attractive than stick legs anyway. You look strong!
    Anyway, I'm in love with your adorable romper here. It's so so cute!

    Jamie |

  6. I like the new header! And the romper's cute.

  7. Look how teeny tiny your waist is babe! You look so amazing! I totally need that romper in my life!!


  8. That's a beautiful romper!! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin & Google+? If interested, please let me know.


  9. You're awesome,
    and that outfit is to die for!

  10. Your legs are beautiful, trust me! You look great, Sara. Cute outfit :)

  11. Cool! Love the hat! And the header too!

  12. Sara, that romper is the cutest! I stopped listening to others too. It took me a little longer than you, but I got there. So freeing! Glad you guys got the basement together.

  13. The romper looks so good on you! Love the look with the hat too <3


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