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Disco Stu in the house! Are you guys totally into my 1970's plaid pants? I am! So you should totes ask where I got them, because, like, I've got a super-rad story to tell. 

Back in December, I started to get this small obsession with clothing from the 1970's. I blame too many classic Doctor Who episodes, featuring the ever-so-stylish Sarah Jane Smith. Anyway, Kyle and I were out with our friend Dan at Imperial in Ferndale, having some drinks, eating some tacos, like you do. Imperial is not super-fancy by any means, but it is a really clean place, and tends to get popular on the weekends, such as this particular night. Because it was close to the holidays, there was some sort of Santa themed beer crawl going on, and a group of less-than-sober gentlemen sat down behind us at the bar. One of them just happened to be wearing a very awesome pair of plaid pants (you guys totally see where this is going, right?).

I *may* have made the mistake of telling Dan that those were the coolest pants ever. He agreed that they were indeed, awesome-possum, then proceeded to ask the guy wearing said pants how much for the pants. The guy was drunk, but not completely gone, so he huddled together with his friends, and then came over to us after a few minutes. His offer: we pay their tab. Dan asked to see their tab when it came, and agreed. 

I am pretty sure that the staff at Imperial weren't to keen on this exchange, because after Dan paid for their tab, the man proceeded to check to make sure that he had boxers on (gross), then dropped trou right there, in the bar. Standing in his Santa sweater, boxers, and socks, he folded the pants, and handed them over (again, gross). Upon realizing that it was snowing out, he took his sweater off, and stuck his legs through the arms, put his shoes back on, and continued on to the next bar. The bar tender came by after, shaking his head and told us that if we were going to buy pants off of a customer again, could we please ask them to use the bathroom. 

Bar stories. 

Tank & Hat-Target
Shoe & Necaklace-forever 21
Sunglasses-Urban Outfitters
Pants-Drunk guy from a bar, purchased by Dan, and have been THOROUGHLY washed. 

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14 Musings

  1. LOVE the pants!!! I had an awesome pair of plaid pants in high school I got from a thrift store and to this day I regret not keeping them.

    Holy wow the story of how you got them is absolutely amazing. I have no words.

  2. That is the most epic story I've heard! But yay plaid pants!!! I love plaid!!!

  3. Hahaha, great story! Well, the pants are awesome so it was worth to see that man in his undies! :)))

  4. hahaha that's one of the best stories I have ever heard!

  5. Oh my God. That is hilarious.

  6. Someone needs to sign you two up for a reality show, because you all get into the funniest situations! HaHaHa Those pants look great on you! Too funny :D

  7. Best story and those pants look perfect on you.

  8. +1 lol, Best story EVER.. After this weekend I think I need to take a break, my poor liver. Feeling very sorry for itself.Butt hehe onto the pants AWESOME :D

  9. Oh so cool! Lov'n the adventure too!

  10. So snazzy! Lov'n the post!

  11. These pants ARE Sarah-Jane Smith pants!!! VERY good job! You look amazing in them too! You rock that retro look!

  12. Love the 70s vibe and the print of the trousers is so fab! x

  13. Those pants are FIERCE babe! Yes, very 70s-esque; but they look so perfect for present day. Lovelove!!



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