Acts Like A Hippy, Dresses Like A Dork

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So, I have FINALLY managed to create a decent hair wash for my very fine, very oil hair that works wonderfully (post to follow soon). In the meantime, Kyle has been commenting on the random containers of baking soda, essential oils, and other jars of homemade products in the house. He isn't opposed to a more natural living lifestyle, he has actually been very supportive and interested, as well as confused as to why the house always smells like vinegar. 

I have always had the mentality of being economical as possible, when possible embedded in the back of my head though. My Dad is forever calling us tree-hugging dorks, but he will be the first to take plastic containers home to recycle, or give me an envelope box to stash things in, just because it was a perfectly good box. Becoming more environmentally conscious can be slow process if you are not used to it, but small habits can be made over time. Kyle and I went from being the only two oddballs in our old apartment complex who bought a recycling bin and hauled it out to the curb every week, to growing our own vegetable garden from scratch, installing a compost pile, and are currently working on making rain barrels. Whenever we want clothes/furniture, we hit up the thirft store first. We reuse bags, we reuse plastic bags when we get them, we walk/take our bikes when we can, we basically live at the farmers market, and when I suggested that I try making my own kombucha, Kyle just nodded and said: "You want to make some hippy-dippy shit, got it."

I don't think all of the above makes us "hippy-sh" per se, it actually just further files us under the "Millennial " label that we are stamped with in my own opinion. In the end, it is just more of the same; people always trying to fit everything into a little square, with a label on it, regardless of how many multiple interests a person may have. So when people see me, or want to classify me as a hippy, a millennial, a dork, an office assistant, an introvert, a whovian, a coffee enthusiast, a blogger, a runner, a female, etc. Yes. good. I am all of the above and then some. 

But it might just be easier to say: "This is Sara, she's not quiet". 

Collar shirt-Target
Glasses-Warby Parker
Jeans-American Eagle Outfitters
Bag-Urban Outfitters

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  1. Sara, I really enjoyed this post. It's very true, we spend so much time trying to slap labels on people. I've also noticed our generation of peeps have a habit of accusing people of "copying" them. I get sometimes that does happen but a majority of time it's people having similar interests. What are we in middle school?


  2. Does that make you a Hork or a Dippy?

    I used to get called a hippie for a vegetarian diet, a propensity for natural products, gardening and composting and recycling etc. My son loves to tease me and tell me I am a hipster. One day, when he was around 16 he just said to me, 'mum you're really cool and I like how you are yourself.' Doesn't that sound like something I was supposed to say to him? I probably did at one point.

  3. Rob doesn't even use shampoo at all, so I guess he is a "hippy" dork too. He won't even use liquid soap anymore. haha. I love your Star Wars shirt so much. Seriously.

  4. I dress like a homeless person when going to work. It doesn't really matter when working in a warehouse. It doesn't matter what people think of you because your awesome and that is what matters right? Its a good thing trying to save the planet and money in the process. There a lot of things to use used coffee grounds for

    I love pinterest.

  5. So great you are finding natural ways of living by reusing, and it always starts at home. Great post!

  6. So glad to read this post! Great you are helping the environment and giving us great ways to think in our everyday world!

  7. I want that Star Wars top! I was a TOTAL fan growing up. Everyone is doing that now. It's definitely the smart thing to do. So thumbs up to you guys.

  8. Personally I love when my hippie side comes out - even if it's only a small part of my personality. I need to take a cue from you an start making some products - as opposed to buying them.


  9. How cool is that star wars shirt?? I need it! xx

  10. the end comment made me lol :)
    I'm curious about this shampoo!

  11. first i love your star war shirt i can't belive you got it at meijer haha

    my coworker is like that she reuse alot things ( [plastic cup, bottle and bags.)

  12. That's a super cute outfit! I love your boots!

  13. I love reading your post because it makes me getting to know you more :) And that jumper is so cool! Love the colour <3

  14. Well I for one think that working to create a better world makes a better person, whatever anyone wants to call that person. I love that you are making all of these new products, and hope you keep posting recipes!

  15. Hey you! Your stems looking mighty fine


  16. Enjoyed reading this entry and YES to recycling. I can stand people who are jerks to me but I can't stand people who are jerks to mother nature.

    WANT your shirt, AGAIN!


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