Rituals, Habits, Preferences, And The Ordinary

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Shawna tagged me in another "random things" blogger meme, but instead of doing another eight random facts, because I am too lame to think of more random stuff about myself, I thought I could feature something that I have always had an odd interest in: The Ordinary. 

Back when I was still at Oakland University, a favorite professor of mine somehow convinced me into taking her poetry workshop. I ended up posting my crap-poems on here as class went along, and I had a tendency to write about mostly everyday activities, unsurprising, as I hadn't experienced much at that point in my life. There was only one poem that I ended up liking. It was a poem about being the only one awake, early in the morning when it is still dark outside. Just acknowledging that half-sleepiness, sitting at the breakfast table while waiting for my coffee to finish brewing. 

A classmate also said it reminded her of Nutella, and I love Nutella.  but here it is:

Chocolate in the morning
By Sara Gerard 

Grey haze of awareness-so early it's a secret. 
I hush down the hallway into
an ebony-coated domain-too black 
for a reflection.
               Long lines and sighs clothe my mind and my awakened 
eyes are thrilled
               by the fuzzy-conscious shadows shaped around my feet. 
               Interrupted by my own movements, when
               hazelnut is calling.
Hard-fake wood
never felt so good, bracing my back so early.
A glimpse of star-spangled mish-
mash upon my
moon-caked lids, are reflections of small times
of uninterrupted purity.

Anywho, I think that is why I love blogging so much/reading other blogs. I get little glimpses of lives, along with the thoughts that generally go with them as people muddle through their workdays and weekends. It is also why Instagram is my favorite form of social media, a little snapshot and blurb of what that person is doing at that moment. People are pretty damn interesting! 

For instance, there is coffee. Some of us drink it in the early morning to get through the workday, some of us drink it in the late afternoon, and some of us drink coffee at midnight, when the timing is quite, unusual (at least according to Train).  I prefer my coffee black, but sometimes I like to swirl a cinnamon stick in it, thanks to Ally, or add simple syrup to my cold brew. Some of us like pour-overs, or french-presses, and some of us like it from our favorite coffee shop-be it the little indie one down the street, or Dunkin' Doughnuts. 

Some of us don't drink coffee, but like tea, or energy drinks, or orange juice. 

The fact-of-the-matter is, we all have our preferences, our differences, and it is awesome. 

But it doesn't just stop at what we eat/drink, or start our day. Take personal hygiene, *most* of us take care of ourselves (we all know that one guy/woman), and the amount of care depends on the person. I tend to bathe at night, personally. One: I workout in the afternoon/evenings. Two: It saves time in the morning. I shower, and dry my hair each night before bed, only to have to re-wash and style my bangs again in the morning, but still. 

I am always amazed at how I have an entire routine for bathing/skin care/face care, from the lotions I use, to the final spritz of hair spray on my bangs. Then you have Kyle who showers quickly every morning (to help him ease into consciousness), towels off, gets dressed, and sometimes doesn't even bother to comb his hair, because a hat will suffice. 

Do you feel better air-drying your hair? Do you comb it into braids at night? Maybe wrap it up, to keep it off of your face? Tie it up, and run out the door? 

I think chores are my favorite. EVERYONE has to do some sort of chore, unless you have servants, or little brothers to make your personal slave. I totally don't do that. 

I always liked doing laundry, because it is necessary, but also relaxing for me. When our dryer was working okay, I would sort-of throw loads in all day, and then fold all of the clean laundry while watching an episode of my favorite TV show. Now we go to the laundry mat, and I spend my time walking back-and-forth while reading a book, waiting for the laundry to get done. 

Are there any chores that you like doing? Or absolutely loathe? 

Thanks again, Shawna

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13 Musings

  1. I actually like vacuuming. It can almost be kind of cardio at times too! Laundry isn't so bad either, I don't mind that. I loathe washing dishes, that is my least favorite chores I think!

    I liked this post! It's always fun learning more about you!

  2. Ok I just have to say, I read the phrase "I hush down the hallway" and just about died. Beautiful.

  3. oooo good poem. I took a poetry class in high school & really enjoyed it. Perhaps I'll share some of my old poems one day. :)

    I always, always air dry my hair. I never use heat since it can be damaging & I'm already lazy when it comes to my hair. No need to kill it further. I twist my hair (not with extensions, just my own hair) after I wash it & keep it that way for a week, taking them out every other day to re-twist/remoisturize or sometimes I'll just wear my hair out in an afro then twist on dry hair w/coconut oil or shea butter before bed. Every night I wrap my hair in a satin scarf or bonnet (I have 3 & a satin pillowcase loll) to preserve thy edges & just protect the hair in general.

    I like washing dishes. I don't like starting them, but once I get in a flow, I find it so relaxing, especially when I listen to music. I don't mind laundry even though I don't know what I'm doing half the time.

  4. i like your chocolate in the morning poem sara! poem writing is so cool. i can only drink 1/2 to 1 cup a day of coffee. i have a mitral valve prolapse, so i have to keep it to a minimum. i shower morning and evening. it's so damn hot here and humid, it's a must. i love washing clothes. i love vacuuming. I hate mopping and cleaning bathrooms, but i do it. LOL

  5. Its so cool! I have a French Press Coffee pot too! Oh, loved the poem! & that last bit was great at the laundry mat!

  6. Oh..I'm very into the AIR DRY HAIR too.

    Wow..great descriptions for the poems. Love the coffee video too. I must have 2 cups each morning..at home. I just can't drink anyone else's coffee.

  7. Great post Sarah! I love little ordinary things too and I love reading about them and writing about them. LOVE your poem. I love that time in the morning when you are the only one awake in the house, I suppose because I am naturally a morning person though this damn plague I have is changing that.

    I take my coffee and tea fully loaded. I envy you for the simplicity of black coffee.

    It's funny you should mention chores. I am working on a post about them. Laundry is my favourite too. I love cooking, but I don't consider it a chore, though I guess some might. My neighbour loves vacuuming. She says it de-stresses her and she does it all the time. She has even offered to come over and do mine!
    Have a great Easter Weekend-hope you get some time off.

  8. This is such a fun post especially with your little videos.Since you mention house chores I mostly hate the vacuuming and dishes I think. I love chocolate in the mornings...and coke zero...no coffee. I always air dry my hair because I always tie it up so it doesn't matter how it turns out really. wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  9. What a wonderful and creative post! It's wise to celebrate the ordinary in life, 'cause that's where we spend most of our time. Smart idea.

    And just last week, as I put a cinnamon stick in my tea, I wondered if you ever took me up on my suggestion -- so happy to hear you did! Thanks for the shout-out. You're the BEST!

  10. Chocolate in the Morning - yes, I love it! You know what chore I love? Feeding the cats. I know it's a simple one; but you feel so much love from the kitties when you are getting their food ready!


  11. Interesting. I love these kinds of posts. I don't mind doing laundry, but it's so daunting because there's always so much. I do like to clean...sometimes I even make a Friday night out of it..loud music, cold beer, and cleaning!

  12. This is the most interesting post I have read all afternoon, seriously :)
    I love seeing how we are all the same and all different at the same time. My favourite blogs are ones about peoples actual lives.
    I drink tea, only. I shower in the mornings always, I only dry my fringe and wear my hair natural ( i.e. a mess), I wear the same jeans all week if my bf doesn't put them in the wash. I love folding clothes and I never do the washing up. ;)


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