What To Wear To Work: "Office Casual"

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One of the negatives of posting outfit photos on a regular basis, is people asking for fashion advice. Honestly, I get SUPER flattered, then overwhelmed because my personal style might vary greatly from others (it usually does). One of the things I am good at however, is purchasing clothing that can be utilized for work, and for going out because I don't have a lot of money, and my wardrobe needs to stretch. 

I work in a very, very office casual environment. So casual, that after 60+ years of being in business, my company only recently sent out a dress-code sheet. It basically said to not wear mini-skirts, or anything ripped up/has holes in it. And, that was only for the main office in Southfield. I work in the Detroit office, where we are literally attached to a warehouse and a garage, and therefore have to try our best to avoid walking through grease and/or oil on a daily basis. Most of the guys just wear work pants and a polo with the company logo on it. I try my best to look slightly presentable, and hopefully these tips will help. 


Dresses are always really easy for work. In the colder months, you can just add tights and a sweater and you are good to go! Sweaters are so easy, I tend to wear cardigans a lot, but pull-over sweaters work great layered under things like jumpers, or cropped sweaters for shorter dresses. I also layer button-ups under my more summery dresses to make them a little more professional for work in the warmer months. I wear a lot of boots on account of the dirty floors I have to walk through, but it is really easy to just swap them out for flats or heels if you need to look a little less casual. Then all I have to do is add a jacket, and i'm good to go for going out after work. Pints anyone?


Skirts work pretty much the same as dresses; add tights/sweaters when it is cold, and button-ups/blouses when it is warm. I actually think that skirts tend to look a little more put-together for some reason, maybe because the outfit is composed of separates? I didn't add any photos here, but maxi-skirts/dresses can be worn to work with a nice top/sweater as well. If you are questioning the length of a skirt/dress, try wearing it only with tights, but avoid wearing it to work otherwise, better to be safe than sorry. 


Pants are pretty easy as well, I figure as long as they are black (jeans), then you can just add a nice blouse or a sweater and you are good. I actually only have one pair of trousers, the ones you see here, and I tend to dress them down with t-shirts. I honestly prefer to wear a lot of vintage/vintage-inspired tops with pants because pants are lame! 


Aaand on Fridays I wear jeans. Usually. Again, in the summer I will sometimes add a pretty blouse, but most of the time I will just wear a sweater or a T-shirt because it is Friday and cannot be bothered otherwise. 

I tend to buy most of my work clothes from the thrift store, things like sweaters/cardigans, skirts, and button-ups are really easy to acquire there. Then I will buy a few nicer things like dresses from Modcloth or Target. I buy most of my boots from Target/Amazon/etc, but things like flats are bought from Payless. 

What to not wear to work: I would personally avoid leggings at all costs, unless you are wearing them as tights, because they are too close to yoga/pajama pants. I would avoid flip-flops, because having that much of your feet exposed is just begging for you to trip/stub your toe/etc and they are kind of gross to be wearing in an office. Shorts, those are tricky. Longer ones that are tweed/some other fancy material might be okay. But anything else is really not very professional for an office environment. I think sneakers are okay on Fridays, or if they are all one color and in nice condition, don't wear your smelly gym shoes to work. 

Hopefully this helps those of you who have asked for advice for things to wear to work, happy Tuesday!

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  1. Great tips! You always look so cute! My office dress code is similar, I just sometimes like to dress up more for fun!

  2. You always look nice Sara! You look great in dresses, skirts and pants. Thank God for a laid back work dress code. The price for clothes and shoes nowadays puts a hurt to any budget. I think THREE times before buying something now.

  3. Awesome tips, I'm really lucky too in that my office is super laid back like yours but sometimes being appropriate can be hard. I feel you about feeling overwhelmed by people asking for advice but I LOVE your personal style (and I'm sure tons of others do too!)
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  4. You put together the cutest outfits! You're very lucky your office is office casual and can get away with those super cute outfits! I work in an office where all the men wear suits and ties or at least shirts with ties (aka boring!). You gave some great advice!!


  5. Cute outfits...I love all of them! =)

  6. You always look so cute and I especially love the skirts and dresses. I am tall so I have troubles finding dresses that fit properly. I wear more skirts than dresses because of that. The dresses are either too short and I can't bend over, or the bodice is too short and the waist doesn't hit me in the right spot. Dresses with no waist must make me look fat 'cause my boobs push them out so far. Have I made you feel sorry for me yet?

  7. These are so cute. :) Thanks for the tips!

  8. I love skirts and dresses. To quote Cher, "They're much less binding."

  9. Argh..I thought I posted a comment yesterday..

    I so love your style. You are very Modcloth to me..or at least Modcloth inspired. I love your mixes and I find you always inspiring. Thank you for doing this!

  10. Love what you do with skirts and sweaters. Yes, I do wear my leggings in winter as tights. You, really show me how to do more with the wardrobe I already have.


  11. i think you underestimate your fashion sense...of course people are asking you for advice, look how cute all of the pictures are!

  12. I so admire your style. Love the remixes!

  13. Now this is my kind of office casual! Personally, I love your style - I think it's adaptable yet super flattering and cute. I am not at all surprised that people ask you for fashion advice!


  14. That is great that you get to work in such a casual environment. Your looks are fun and quirky and not showing off too much skin which is good for work.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC


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