Transitional Season

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During my second semester at Oakland University, I took a modern poetry course. I remember all of us students getting excited for spring break (during February, because cruel), while our professor was planning on heading out to a cottage on Lake Michigan to grade our term papers. He started to talk about how he loved walking along the freezing-cold beach to clear his mind, when he randomly asked a few students what their favorite seasons were. Most said summer, I of course said autumn. He then mentioned that in his youth, he always loved fall, mostly because everything was beautiful as it was dying, but as he became older, he really began to appreciate spring. 

I don't think that I have gotten there yet, however, I feel that I am the epitome of "transitional" at the moment. The process of weeding out the junk food and replacing it with healthier, better foods has been a fun, but trying one. Last night I had every intention on making Kyle and I a healthy dinner with plenty of leftovers, (because cooking every single day is never going to happen), but I was tired, so we picked up a pizza.  I am still in the seemingly never-ending process of cleaning/organizing our house, and am terrified of what is going to happen when I finally get to the basement and garage. Meanwhile, Kyle is fearing that I have gone "full-hippe" (he kids), on account of me making my own cleaning/beauty supplies.I am waiting for my new pair of glasses to arrive (any day now), and there is also my awkward, half-grown out pixie/bob/whatever hair that I am dealing with. Gross. 

This spring is turning out to be one full of projects, and I think that is something that I really need at this point in my life. I am in a place where I want to create things, I want to get rid of all of the excess junk in my life, and become a better person. I am slowly learning that once you take care of your environment, and yourself, you become better to those around you. Hopefully by summer I will have a good chunk of this down, but until then I will keep trying. 

PS-Those of you in Portland who keep posting beautiful, blossoming trees all over my instagram feed while here in Michigan we have snow flurries, I hate you. 

Shirt, belt, skirt-Thrifted
Hat & purse-Urban Outfitters
Coat & necklace-Forever 21

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21 Musings

  1. There isn't anything wrong with "transitional" - you're on your way to something!

    And yes, we had the flurries yesterday too. Winter will never end.

  2. Haha, I love this outfit! And I love autumn as well - but spring is exciting right now (especially with threats of snow today in ohio)

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  3. I always love how you pair your outfits together. Really cute skirt!

    xo - Sheila

  4. i started doing that 3 years ago. it astonished me at how much stuff i had. i had like triple of everything. so much excess! like 3 different colors in the same top. i've really paired down (a lot). i have a tote of stuff to give to salvation army and a couple more things to sell on eBay. i want to be minimal to the max. so good for you Sara. i love Spring. Summer not so much. the weather is nice in spring and autumn. love your outfit. have a great day my friend.

  5. This is such a cute outfit, Sara! I love it! That cardigan is so cute...=)

  6. love your skirt and you look amazing!
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  7. I like spring for the reasons you listed. After a winter spent seeking comfort and warmth and burrowing at home, spring gets the blood moving and I start remembering all of my projects, my repairs, and my bi-annual house cleanout!

  8. The Cherry Trees, wisteria and the dogwoods all have blooms here. :) It's been a looooooooooooooooooong winter.

  9. You're growing. In multiple ways. It's normal to feel what you're feeling. Grow, Sara, grow!

  10. You look really cute in that outfit. I can totally relate to the horrible pixie/bob thing. What shall we call that, a bloxie? A pob? I am just sort of blob right now. I will attempt to make you feel better and tell you that here on the west coast we have torrential rain today. And some wind. This sort of weather often ruins all the blossoms.
    I'm hard pressed to say which season I like best other than hating winter. So I remind myself that means I am content with at least seven months out of the year. My glass is half full.

  11. We're actually beginning to see less chill here. I mean, it's more like chill that is still cold, but less biting than it was before. So, that's something.

  12. I ate pizza twice (on the weekend & just an hour ago) because I ran out of leftovers or I didn't feel like cooking. However I didn't want to beat myself up over it especially since I know I'm not going to eat like that every single day. Adulthood is trying, but also a good learning experience about life & about yourself. Everyday that becomes clearer to me.

    Also your outfit is great!

  13. What a great post. I love this. I think a lot like you...I love natural products and healthy food, but love a good beer and pizza, too! I also love this outfit on you, that shirt is so cute!

  14. i use to like spring when i younger. the flowers that in our backyard start to blossom and they were some beautiful. I do alot sneezing but i still like spring whenever it come to michigan. ah oh goodness we have been eating much pizza
    ps i agree with you about the cherry blossom tree we get snow and they get beautiful cherry blossom. haha

  15. Spring here ..has been a cold mother so far..brrr.. Oh..I do love your shoes!

  16. Actually, my allergies get the best of me in the I'm not looking forward to all that.

  17. I think that 'transitional' is actually the perfect descriptive word for anyone in their 20s. It's a time of change and learning.


  18. you look so preppy and so you!

    P.S. sorry for your snow :(

  19. Transitional.
    I got nothing. It's 4:30am body time but I'm in Melbourne so I'm up and about. Haha.

    Thanks for sharing this. I'm totally in that stage too :) We're all in this together.


    I am so ready for some proper Spring. It has been rainy and grey and shite here for about 5 months.



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