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When my siblings and I were younger, one of our favorite things to do was visit our grandparents. Both my grandparents on my mom's, and dad's side of the family lived north of where we did, in sparsely populated areas. We loved playing the woods, or on the farm with all of our cousins. We loved riding four-wheelers, going sledding, and catching frogs in the pond. We always used to ask our dad if we could move "up north", or "to the farm". My dad would always respond with "you guys would get bored, you are city kids". 

Of course, we were always baffled by this.  However, as I grew older, I always pictured myself living in an apartment in some big-city a la "Friends" (obviously not Monica's apartment, because reality). I'd imagine emerging from my apartment building onto a street where I could stop in at a local coffee shop, then hop on the subway to work. Being in Chicago always makes me feel like I get a tiny taste of what that life might be like, as we always take the trains and buses while there. I always bring my headphones and my book to further blend in with the locals (one of the security guards at Millenium park thought we were! Score!), although the locals in Chicago tend to be pretty friendly, even if they are anti-social. 

Currently I live in a boring suburb in my shabby-but-lovable house, but who knows where we will be in the next few years. Kyle keeps telling me to hurry up and write the next great American Novel so that we can get another house somewhere. A small apartment in some big city? A small shack in Michigan's Upper Peninsula? Who knows. Maybe we will just buy a hippie van and live on the road with Louie and our kitties, and a trailer for all of my books (because necessities). 

It's Friday, Bitches! 

Coat, necklace, & dress-Forever 21
Shirt-Hand me down

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10 Musings

  1. that's funny my dream was to live to in a apartment that look like carrie bradshaw. hahaha lame i know i was 17 at the time.
    but now my dream is to live in downtown Detroit for a while just to charge it up because i've been living in this tiny alittle city for along time haha.

    ps i love your outfit!!! and yes
    it's friday!

  2. I'd have killed for Monica's apartment! I've always wanted to be a suburban girl though - close enough to visit the city, but not someplace I want to live.

  3. Oh..I was in the "city" just today and my friend and I were talking about this. Like where we would shop and eat..if we lived there. But we went back to reality after lunch. Home to the burbs. Loved this read!

  4. Oh, I'm sure your Dad was right about getting tired of life on the farm. We have relatives, who would never ever move to the city. Love those shoes!

  5. Love your stylish classy look with a touch of pattern. Those sound like such lovely childhood memories. I do agree about being city kids for me too.

  6. I love cities. Like, really. I visit cities just for fun.

    My favorite is not New York (which, while it has some appeal, has major drawbacks); rather, it's Boston. Beantown has the best baseball stadium in the world (Fenway Park, old and tiny and right in the heart of the city), fabulous shopping, fun streets to walk and lots of culture and good food. Plus, because there are five colleges there, it's full of happy young people. If you haven't been there yet, go!

  7. You look so adorbs, Sara! I love the idea of being a city kid. I'm totally a city girl at heart; but there are a few things about the suburbs that I find...charming, I suppose. Yes to a small apartment in the heart of the city!!


  8. i love your coat, scarf and hat Sara! HAHAHA you could live anywhere girl. you are able to blend with the best of them. i would be the same. i don't mind the hustle and bustle. i don't mind quiet areas. well, maybe not a farm. that's not me. hahaha i want you to end up at a place you LOVE.

  9. I think I would miss trees... It feels dopey to say it, but I think the suburbs around here are really pretty. I like 'em!
    Better public transportation would be awesome, though. I genuinely like taking the bus (I got off work last night and bussed down to Ferndale, and realized that my route passed through downtown Birmingham, downtown Royal Oak and then downtown Ferndale--it was nice!) but they aren't really scheduled for convenience around our lovely motor city. Alas!

  10. Oh! You look so lovely! I really enjoyed your outfit...super cute! =D


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