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Either I am all dolled-up, or I am in a fandom T-shirt and jeans, there is no in-between. Over the past few months, I have accumulated a bunch of really awesome shirts that I have not had a chance to show off yet. So, I am going to try my best to get around to that, yay! 

I know that this shirt is hitting my hips at the worst possible area, and that the sleeves are all bunched annoyingly in the cardigan, but I don't care because I love this outfit so hard. This T-shirt was a Christmas present from my dad (Kyle got a Doctor Who shirt too!) and it has ALL of the Doctors on it. All happy in one place-on my chest (because looooooooove!). I am still working my way through Classic Who at a snail's pace, but the more I watch, the more I love it. I am actually hoping to make my way through more episodes in the next few months while I work on some crafting that I have planned, because TV + Crafty things = awesomesauce. 

IMG_5292 IMG_5308

Coat & Skirt-Forever 21
Leggings, Cardigan, & Gloves-Target
Bag-Urban Outfitters
Hat & Boots-Modcloth
Necklace, Scarf, & T-Shirt-Gifts

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14 Musings

  1. I want a polka dot skirt now. This is too cute!!

  2. i love a cute tee and skirt combo. and it doesn't hit you in the wrong place, i think you look fabulous!

  3. I love that combo! I love taking like band tees or fandom shirts and mixing them with cuter/chic stuff. It makes for such a cute, relaxed outfit.

  4. so cute! adore the hat and the top print is charming

    Inside and Outside Blog

  5. First of all, I need that shirt. Second, this outfit is *holds two thumbs up*

  6. Sara, that tshirt is too cool girl! I love it! Great coat, hat and gloves. I love those blue gloves.

  7. LOVE the shirt. I dunno how you do it with all the winter weather and finding a way to spark up the outfit. Me..this cold and all the snow..Oh how I come in layers to work And not in a god way. You are so inspiring!

  8. Love this! I have to say..sometimes, I just want to put a little lace on the end of my Library Tees. I know, I'm probably around too many toddlers. But I do get ideas of wanting to put some Tees into dresses. Doubt it ever happens though.

    Stay warm!!!

  9. Graphic tees like that are seriously one of my favorite things on. the. planet. They are, essentially, perfect for any occasion.


  10. I'm so jealous of your shirt and i have to say this is a cute shirt.

  11. You look super cute. That beanie is the best. I have one in muted colours just like it, was probably inspired by you when I got it. Hehe! Oh and I totally remember wearing this skirt :) Aw man, those days feel like just yesterday.

    Yay for fan tees!!! I served a guy who has had designs accepted by threadless before and is looking at taking on the printing in Australia for either that company or teefury. Hopefully he and I can tee up a Pearthling interview soon. Did you see my last one?

    Can't wait to see the crafting!
    Love you x

    ps. Have you got any plans to travel to New York in the nearish future? I have a book I might send over if so, no idea why I thought it was a good idea to buy now. Haha.

  12. 1. I either have that exact same skirt or a suuuper similar one; and

    2. THIS IS THE CUTEST OUTFIT. I love wearing fandom tees with skirts and looking cute and geeky AT THE SAME TIIIME. But you always look super good. Stop.

  13. I really think this shirt is so pretty! Yey!!
    I'd type more but I am about to get my hair done for the first time since I was 8 (I always did my own hair).


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