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Snow! And lots of it. I am disappointed in myself for not making a snow man/woman/Dalek at all this winter, and yet we keep getting dumped on. I think it is a sign. 

January is almost over, and although it is a long, cold month, it is also a month of cuddly pajamas, coffee, piles of books, and blankets. I have been enjoying catching up on TV and watching movies with Kyle and our furry pets this month. I am still pretty pumped about this year, has that wore off most people already? I am still on a big life-improvement kick, and I am so glad that several of my friends are as well. It is nice to have a support group, people to get advice from, who also feel your pain of a strenuous workout/braving the cold to buy healthy food at the grocery store. Again, those of you with kids,  I don't know how you do it. I totally passed out after work Friday, from about 4pm to 7pm, and still went to bed early. Sleep, FTW!

*PS: It was too cold to take off the coat (we also attempted indoor photos, too dark), so I just opened it up. Kyle insisted that I flash the camera. So there you go. 

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Coat & Dress-Forever 21
Hat, Gloves, & Leggings-Target
Bag-Urban Outfitters

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12 Musings

  1. I love the outfit and we're getting our first snow of the season down here right now. It's just flurrying, but it's supposed to stick, so I'm hoping that I won't be let down. I love snow so much.

  2. i'm still pretty pumped about this year...still staying (fairly) organized and shopping less. so those are all good things! ilove the peep show of your dress! super cute!

  3. Love the dress and jealous that you have snow (in a way). haha... :)

    xo - Sheila

  4. Awe you look beautiful! Love the outfit!!


  5. That's an awesome dress Sara! The print and colors in it look fabulous on you. I would've flashed also. HAHAHAHAHA SO much snow! We're getting some now. Not much! Just a dusting.

  6. Pretty dress, buddy. And I know how discouraging snow and cold can be. Hang in there.

  7. Such an adorable dress! Oh..I so want to hibernate too!

  8. LOVE that hat! Oh so much snow..but its dry where I am..yet uber cold!

  9. So love your outfit. You are always inspiring. I so love love boots for winter and tights too!

  10. A snow Dalek haha. I love your dress and coat! It's so cold outside these days. Getting hard to take pictures outfit.

  11. You look so cute! I love the dress and the hat!!

    January has seriously been rough this year, while I don't want it to be February because I have to go back to work, I'm so over winter!!

  12. Dude your hair! Love that colour beanie :) Awesome idea with the show off of the dress.. it's so pretty. Would love to see you in little locations you haunt every now and then if you're game. When you check in facebook I sometimes think "I wonder what that shop looks like" Hehe! Course you can do no wrong in my eyes.


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