Christmas Decor

10:30 AM


Yesterday I asked Kyle to take some pictures of our Christmas decorations, and when I went to download them onto my laptop, I found 92 photos. 92! I tried to weed out a bunch, and I did, but I felt bad after all of Kyle's hard work. Seriously,  he should put that on his resume, the over-achieving bastard that he is. 

Anyway, I have done posts on our Christmas trees over the past few years, but this time I think Kyle took more detailed ones. I have actually cut down on our decorations, so that makes it even more hilarious that there are a million photos. Most of the nice decorations were gifts, we also picked up some cheap ornaments from Target, and I am a big fan of the popcorn & cranberry garland, so there you have it. I also have acquired a lot of Eeyore stuffed animals over the years, so I put them under the tree since we never have presents under it. 

Some of my favorites are the snowflakes that Liam and I made last year, as well as the crochet snowman that my grandma made. And of course the Eeyores, because they were all gifts.

Kyle didn't take many photos of the outside of the house, but we have lights and one of those inflatable things that was also a gift. Half of the lights keep going out, and the inflatable guys keep falling over, having the appearance of being drunk, so I think that is why he skipped those. At least the inside of the house looks nice? 

IMG_5027 IMG_4874IMG_4882 IMG_4881IMG_4987 IMG_4884 IMG_4909 IMG_4896IMG_4889 IMG_4892 IMG_4917 IMG_4950 IMG_4928IMG_4934IMG_4938IMG_4942 IMG_4947 IMG_4952IMG_4955 IMG_4967 IMG_4968 IMG_4979 IMG_4977IMG_4982IMG_4986IMG_5001 IMG_4990 IMG_5002 IMG_5048IMG_5033 IMG_5031

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9 Musings

  1. Stitch!! I love Stitch.

    Oh and love Louie and all the photos of the decorations.

  2. Oh, these are so, so cute! I can't wait to do my Christmas tree!
    The black furry friend is part of the decorations? :D

  3. So beautiful Sara! I'm glad he took details, it was great to see your ornaments up close. I'm going to do the same thing when I take pics of my tree. I love them! I love that M&M mug!!! That is too cute! I had a M&M haunted house that cackled when you opened it (of course for Halloween). I just sold it on eBay last year. It was too cute. BEAUTIFUL TREE doll! I love the candy canes too.

  4. I laughed my ass off at the line, "overachieving bastard he is." 92! I'm amazed.

    Love the Christmas Eeyore.

  5. These are so beautiful. You are really getting me into the Christmas spirit!

  6. Oh so lovely! Amazing how you have your house so decorated. I love it!

  7. Great photos! So pretty and festive!

  8. Le sigh. You have so outdone yourself with decorating, Sara - I love! Also pertinent...I now have a new reason to adore you - Eeyore. He is one of my favorites.

    P.S. Is it just me, or does Louie look like he's waiting for Santa in these pictures? :D



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