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During the summer months, I felt inclined to read more fantasy-type novels because it was summer and time to relax and read adventurous books. Now that we are just past the peak of autumn, I find myself drawn to more classic novels. I am actually surprised that I had never had to read this one in high school, or college, but it snuck its way onto my reading list and here we are. 

The Grapes of Wrath is an American realist novel, set during the Great Depression. The novel focuses on the Joads, a poor family of tenant farmers driven from their Oklahoma home by drought, economic hardship, and changes in the agricultural farming industry forcing tenant farmers out of work. Due to their nearly hopeless situation, and it part because they were trapped in the Dust Bowl, the Joads set out for California. Along with thousands of other "Okies", they sought jobs, land, dignity, and a future. 

Not even going to lie, this book is sad. Reading this book as someone who is familiar with the fate of so many families like the Joads, I could not help but feel a constant despair knowing what hardships lay in store for them. However, the determination of the Joads is captivating. They do their best to "follow the rules", but not everyone's path is the same. No matter how dire the situation, how bleak things look, the Joads just don't stop.  It truly is amazing.  

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7 Musings

  1. I always did like Steinbeck. My favorite of his was Winter of our Discontent.

  2. Loved your review. I think this is a great time of year to read this book!

  3. Such a wonderful review. I do like reading the classics. I still love to read Graham Greene from time time too. My favorite of his is Briton Rock.

  4. Its great that you brought this book to our attention. Its certainly a slice of Americana that we shouldn't forget.

  5. I remember that book being an option on our reading list. I never read it though. I love the classics.

  6. I don't usually read books like these, have totally piqued my interest.


  7. i read this in high school and always thought that it was a little too depressing for a 16 year old. but it is a great book.


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