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When I first cut off all of my hair last year, I had lots of these ideas for it. I was not only going to rock a pixie, but I was going to style it all sorts of crazy ways, a faux-hawk was the favored style of discussion between Kyle and I. I figured if I am going to have short hair, I might as well try out different styles. Curling the front up a la Tegan and Sara, was also on my list. However, two months ago I had an accident. I was blow-drying my hair (which does not happen often, because lazy), minding my own business, when all of a sudden a large "CRACK!" came from the outlet my hair dryer was plugged into, and the lights went out. I have got talent! I tell you! 

WELL, of course I had no idea how to change out an outlet. I had also murdered my hair dryer in the process and had to go buy a new one, so I had priorities. So for awhile I just air-dried my hair, or plugged the hair dyer in the kitchen outlet (so classy). WELL, in order to get my hair curly, I had to use a curling iron. I also did this in the kitchen. Not looking in a mirror. And the result was the photos you see here. 

Honestly, it kind of reminded me of middle-school, I always had either the front of my hair, or one side looking kinda awesome, and the rest looking like a bird's nest. But did I learn my lesson? No. I totally did this a second time. AND, I went out in public like that. AGAIN. Yolo.  Either way, my brother came by last night and replaced the outlet, so if I am going to go around looking like Flock of Seagulls, at least I will know about it in the process. 

FOUFOUR ThreeThree

Sweater-Stole from Michelle
Purse-Urban Outfitters
Scarf-Shop in Petosky, MI

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16 Musings

  1. Kudos to you for trying the curling! I'm not very good at curling my pixie. I'm not very good at a lot of styling ideas with my pixie actually! But I still like having one!

    I love your sweater by the way!

  2. Lol, sometimes we never learn our lessons. I have definitely fallen victim to the dreaded middle school hair mishaps even in my old age, some things are just unavoidable.

  3. Ha! That's such a cute story. Experiencing mishaps is part of the comedy of life. Think Bridget Jones. Hair is harder to style than most men believe, so you have my sympathy on this. Glad you're keeping a sense of humor.

  4. haha! great story. i love this style though. flock of seagulls has nothing on you!

  5. LOL Sara! Too funny girl! I didn't see much of a difference from the side. It was only when you faced the camera. You STILL look good! Rock it and I love your outfit girl. It's so pretty. Crazy shit happens! The thing is to just go with the flow. HAHAHA

  6. That's actually quite impressive. I can't even curl my hair with all the right tools and in front of a mirror so I think you did an amazing job. Love the colour of your top, it's a colour which really suits you.

  7. Oh its so great to see someone has as many problems with hair and blow dryers as I do..hair dye included. I am not a chemist nor an electrician, and neighbors can be no help with hair, either.

    I LOVE love that sweater!

    Thanks for this post!

  8. OH MY GOODNESS! This made me smile so much.

    I dunno why..this makes me think of the co-worker who likes to mess with her hair in front of the fridge in the breakroom. They took the mirror down because of a health hazard of her long hair going everywhere in the breakroom..it has not stopped her yet.

  9. Oh so fun! You are something! =)

  10. You are so great! Really! Best smile I've had today!!

  11. You look great! I'm digging the hair and you pull off short hair so well! The outfit is super cute and I'm loving those booties on your feet!


  12. Hi Sara beautiful look

    Kisses rose jp

  13. I'm so glad that it bloody well shorted! Made for some humorous story telling and not-so-funny hair. These curls rock lady. Rock.

  14. Personally, I think your hair looks awesome {as always}.

    I have never perfected the use of a curling iron either; thus, I usually avoid them like the plague. :P

  15. I think your hair is looking super cute with the curls. I need to be a little less lazy and curl mine more often... but.. effort.. haha. Love the sweater too x

    Wardrobe Quarry

  16. I haven't experienced that but I hear you out about hair. I really don't know what is up with me and my hair. Can't figure out what to do with it, too.


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