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I haven't been purchasing too many clothes lately, because there is a never-ending list of things to save up for, or to pay off, etc. Even when I do, I tend to re-wear many of my favorite items. 

Thrifted items can be very hit-or-miss. I have learned long ago to really look through the racks and racks of clothing to make sure that I don't end up with 50 pairs of the same thing, or something that is stained/ripped beyond repair. That is where items like this jacket come in. It is a mint-green, probably one of two jackets I own that is not a neutral shade, it actually fits well, and  BONUS: already broken in and whatnot, woot-woot!

Outdated items in my closet get re-worn over and over again. I have never been one for buying an item because it is trendy/in-season. I buy things because of practicality, or because they look cute (see cat dress from last post), and I know that they will be worn over and over again. Because of all of the love these items get, some don't make it past a year, but others, such as this jumper, manage to stick around. 

Gifts, either in the form of a present, or just a hand-me-down, tend to be my favorite items. Unless of course they don't fit (it happens), I will wear/use them more than anything else in my closet. Something about someone taking the time to pick something out for you, or to think of you when they are cleaning out their closet, just means a lot to me. This purse was given to me from Erika, over at Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans. I have been following her blog for years! It is like a fashion magazine, only better and gets updated daily. Anywho, I love the purse and I LOVE Erika, thanks again lady! :D 

Also, I managed to talk about clothes on both outfit posts this week, can I get another: woot woot! Okay I am done now.  

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Jumper-Forever 21
Necklace-Rustbelt Market

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13 Musings

  1. That is a really cute purse!! I also love the jacket, it looks like it would be pretty comfy!

  2. cute outfit sara! i love that bag. it's important to take an inventory of what you have and what you need. i usually do that when i clean out my closet. i have a plethora of black and grey! hahaha i was like no more. however, i'm still buying those neutrals.

  3. So LOVE the purse! I like your little added details to your outfits..like the top you are wearing today. So sweet! I think that is the joy in fashion..when you can put your own touches to something old, or gifted...You are inspiring! & so is Erika!

  4. So love this outfit. You really make it work. Sweet purse too! I'm glad you remix items.

  5. Oh, what a great purse! Love the outfit too!

  6. Obsessed with your jumper/dress! Super cute outfit! You look so pretty! Some of my favorite items are old things that I forgot I owned that have made a come back. If I buy new anything I'm buying it to last awhile! Great post!


  7. Yayay! I'm so glad you like the bag - it looks adorbs with those boots!

    Also pertinent...you have just made me covet a jumper - it's very Alexa Chung. I actually just read a Teen Vogue article about the revival of jumpers, so you are ahead of the trends lady!! :)

  8. Oh my goodness!! I love your bag!!! :D

  9. Cute! And I'm the same way, I tend to re-wear so much of what I love that new clothes are almost silly.

  10. I've never even bought anything as of late and haven't even done any form of thrifting. We did swap clothes with my colleagues at work. Works fine for both of us and luckily, we have the same size. :)

  11. Woot woot! You proved your fashion-blogging credentials. And you manage to look damn cute doing it.

  12. I believe this is extremely adorable on you! I love what you wrote about items and such. I think that nothing can truly be outdated, honestly. hehe. I think the way people put certain things together though are sometimes terrible!!! I think your outfit is so cute!


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