Autumn Tradition

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Most people I know have these giant lists of things that they want to do during the summer months; vacation spots, road trips, consuming massive amounts of ice cream, etc. Not me. I do like having a week towards the end of the summer to do whatever with, however, once the warmer months come, I am usually either in project mode, or sitting on my butt reading. 

I felt that I packed it in this summer, mostly with yard/garden stuff. I cooked A LOT. We went camping twice, we attacked the weed trees in our yard, we threw a party for the family, and spent a lot of time just watching TV once we wore ourselves out. 

I honestly feel that we haven't even hit the peak of autumn yet here in lower Michigan, and there is still so much that I want to do! I have already been to two Halloween parties-both very awesome, we decorated the house for Halloween, we collected leaves, we saw the remake of Carrie, we have consumed pumpkin spice everything, and on Saturday, we finally made it to the cider mill. 

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Okay, actually, we went to a few cider mills. There are just so many that are so close together, that we tend to hit up a few of them. Which basically just makes us fatties, but whatever. 

We accidentally came across Goodison Cider Mill when we turned the wrong way, and it was such a cool little find. After we went inside, Kyle remembered that his mom used to take him and his brothers there when they were kids, so that was awesome. It was a lot smaller than a few of the other cider mills that we went to that day, but they had loads of treats-most of them homemade, that the others didn't. I wish that the day hadn't started out so gloomy, because the place was so cute! 

We also met my new best friend Coconut at Miller's Big Red Cider Mill. I wanted to take him home, he was so damn fluffy! He even sat up for a photo! Bunnies! Gwah! 

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I still have a few more things that I would like to do this fall, as well as tackle a few projects. Oh yeah, and we have that whole "fall cleanup" thing we have to do to our yard because of responsibility or whatever. But still. So far things are going well, and I will continue to suck down pumpkin spice lattes like there is no tomorrow because I am proud to say that I have no shame. 

Happy autumn!

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11 Musings

  1. Bunnies, it must be bunnies! Or maybe midgets.

  2. I love Fall! It is just my season. It sounds like you've been making the most of it too! And gah, that bunny is so cute!

  3. You two had a blast! That place is SO CUTE! You captured it beautifully Sara. Oh, I love posts like this. It so gets me into the Fall Spirit. I love this time of year. You looked so cute. Loving all the pumpkins.

  4. We just have pumpkin patches..but hey, you can get married there!

    Such lovely photos of the season. Love your stripped top too!!

  5. So cool to go to Kyle's old haunt! Great post!

  6. Love your breton top. And for some reason, when I think of pumpkin soup or anything that has to do with a pumpkin, I remember you. :)

  7. We're actually kind of having a fall-- it's been cool the past couple of days!

  8. Love this post!! Your fall posts always make me long for the east coast. We don't have cider mills or pumpkin patches out here. And even if we did going to those places when it's almost 80 degrees isn't fun. These photos are lovely and I'm so glad you're indulging in all the fun fall activities!! Props to you for seeing a scary movie - I can't do it!! Hope you're able to accomplish everything you'd like to do!


  9. OMG how cute is this place?! This is why I love fall - pumpkins, cider, is all so perfect!

    LOVE your outfit, Sara - so perfect for the occasion!!


  10. your tradition seems like a great place. I think the place we go to doesn't have enough compared to others I've heard of or seen pictures of. There are some crazy pumpkin picking places where they have pony rides and loads of fun things. The craziest thing at ours is there is a haunted hayride. I've never done it before, but we always catch the end of it where two guys ride quads/4-wheelers around all crazy like and a guy in an outfit comes out chasing everyone with a chainsaw. . . .yeah. . . . . . .I guess that is the highlight of the farm. haha. Anyway, glad you found this place on your wrong turn!! That's cool that Kyle has memories there!! aww.


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