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10:30 AM

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Two outfit posts in a row, woot woot! Whenever I wear a lot of blue, I sort-of wish that I could have Summer Fin's wardrobe. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to wear a "signature" color like that, a whole wardrobe of various shades of blue and whatnot. But then again I am a Libra, and therefore waaayyy too indecisive to limit myself to one color. Matching is still a difficult feat for me, but not on this particular day! Even my TARDIS mug matched my outfit! It was stylin' with the little scarf-cozy my friend Stevie made for me. And if that is not enough geek for you, I added a Tom Baker pin for good measure. Because it is always fun explaining to people who the old guy's face is on your shirt on a daily basis: That is Tom Baker, aka Lord Creep. 

Speaking of creep, there is my car, Tony Spark, in the back! I had to give my Dad a lift to work today, and it was his first time in my car. My dad, the man my siblings and cousins all refer to as "Sasquatch" , trying to cram into my tiny ass car was the highlight of my day-the look on his face when I pulled up, hilarity! 

Happy Wednesday!

three four

Top & Skirt-Thrifted
Belt & Shoes-Modcloth
Earrings-Target & c/o Anjolee
Tom Baker pin-Gift from Kyle 

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15 Musings

  1. I think you and I could share clothes now (other than my lack of breasts).
    You look beautiful in this outfit and I love your car's name. It makes me giggle. That mug is truly so cool with the scarf!!!

  2. i love that your mug matches your outfit!! and i love your clown car...i would have liked to see everyone pile out of it!

  3. I adore your skirt - it is so cute! And I love that the mug totally matches as well!!

  4. You look great!! Loving the outfit! That story about your dad is hysterical! My father is 7 feet tall (no joke) and watching him trying to fit into anything that isn't a truck is hysterical!


  5. You look fantastic and great in blue. I'm tall myself, so I couldn't help but laugh about your dad. I've been in similar situations. HAHAHA

  6. Love the title to this post! Such cool glasses! In love with that skirt!

  7. You look so pretty with glasses!! And I adore your outfit! :D

  8. Oh, you look so fun and wonderful in these photos. Always inspiring. Makes me want to look in the closet for skirts I haven not warn in a while.

  9. cute skirt! love it paired with the belt..

    the well-traveled wife

  10. Va-va-voom, Sara! Look how amazing your body is in this outfit - you look incredible! :)

  11. Hello dear,
    would you like to follow each other's blogs on facebook and bloglovin? Btw, love your blog's design, so chic!

    Best wishes,

  12. I love that film, and her wardrobe. I never noticed how much blue is there. I am a complete blue fiend! I could wear 100% blue outfits for days from my wardrobe. I have to force myself not to always just buy the blue versions of everything.

  13. You look amazing! Look at that soft blue on you! :D So pretty. Also also, awesome focus. Who took these and can they teach me? :p How much have I missed? Why have I never noticed that tatt?! Argh! So much to catch up on. Challenge accepted.

  14. I love your nerd and your outfit! :D


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