The Oakland

10:30 AM

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One of the best weekends in a long while, even though I am pretty sure that I have the plague. But when your friends invite you to an outing where 1920's attire is encouraged, how could we say no? 

Our good friends Aaron and Jenny B are HUGE fans of this cool little bar in Ferndale, The Oakland. The Oakland is unique for the area because it is a speakeasy, unlike the dive and sports bars surrounding it. They have an awesome drink menu that changes every so often, with handmade drinks that are unique and tasty. You can't even order drinks at the bar, because they take awhile to make. The bar itself is dark, with lots of plush, high-back chairs, creepy art, and music that ranges from jazz to the White Stripes. All of the staff is super nice and they tend to dress in vintage clothing, although the patrons can wear whatever. I have been in there all dolled up on occasion, and on others in jeans and a sweater. 

Anywho, Friday was the second anniversary of The Oakland being in business, so they celebrated by having a special RSVP only night. They served special drinks, and gave out awesome little snacks, and everyone was dressed all snazzy. Completely awesome! 

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Kyle and I didn't actually know about the 1920's attire thing until a few hours before we were supposed to leave, so we were rushing around after work Friday getting ready. I think we did okay! I am bummed that most of the pics I took of Kyle were blurry, he looked so spiffy! We actually met with my brother and sister in-law for dinner before we went out, so it was funny walking around in this getup with people giving us questioning looks. 

I also got to meet two awesome ladies, Whitney and Julia! Thankfully Jenny remembered her camera, so I stole pics from her and had to give them a little vintage-vibe. Seriously, so much fun! I felt super-fancy for someone who usually just heads to the bar that has pitchers of PBR and karaoke. 

"Everyone say: Gatsby!" -Aaron 

Vintage 1 Vintage 2 Vintage 4 Vintage 3

Headband-c/o Modcloth
Long Necklace-Forever 21
Pendant Necklace & Studs-Target
Blue Studs-c/o Anjolee
Hair Clips-Goody

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14 Musings

  1. The Oakland sounds amazing! I'd love to go to a place like that! And for only a few hours notice, you pulled together a very awesome 1920's outfit! You look great!

  2. You looked SO BEAUTIFUL Sara! You blended into that era perfectly. Loved your makeup, hair, headress and dress. Gorgeous!

  3. you are STUNNING. seriously, you were meant for this era! what a fun night!

  4. Wow, you look so gorgeous! I adore your look!

  5. So Nostalgic! Love it! What a great night out!

  6. So Nostalgic! Love it! What a great night out!

  7. OH SO Gorgeous! What an awesome time it must have been. LOVE love that dress!

  8. So love your headdress. Lovely attire! Kyle looks great too!

  9. Love ..LOVE this. What a wonderful party atmosphere. So great to see!

  10. Wow this looks incredible. It's definitely my favourite ever outfit of yours. You look so beautiful and captured the very essence of the 1920s perfectly. Those shoes, the accessories and the dress are so stunning.

  11. Gah! You and Kyle are so adorable, Sara! You seriously belong in the 1920s - you've got the look down perfectly!

    Get well soon girl! :)

  12. oh my God! You look stunning! I totally love your look! very-very nice! So 20s!
    Get well soon dear!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  13. Such an amazing look, I also went all "Gatsby style" in June at a party, it's so fun!

    Have an amazing week,
    Mary x


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