Reads: Elegy For A Lost Star

11:10 AM


The further I get into this series, the better it gets! Although much of the story is still focused on Rhapsody, now pregnant with a child of many mixed and ancient races, further character development is evident in many of the other major and minor characters. 

Rhapsody is having a very rough pregnancy and decides to seek shelter with Elynsynos, a great dragon and also  her husband Ashe's great grandmother. Gwydion, ward of Rhapsody and her husband,  becomes the new duke of Narvarne and embarks on a mission with his mentor the crippled Anborn. Grunthor and Achmed continue to rebuild the kingdom of Yorlc, with Achmed's obsession with rebuilding an ancient and dangerous device called The Light Catcher, and in this process threatens his friendship with Rhapsody. To top it off, a great stone solider, as well as an angry thought to be dead dragon, rampage on innocent people, leaving destruction and chaos in their paths. 

There is one more book left in this series, and I am dragging ass reading it because I don't want it to end. However, I recently discovered that Elizabeth Haydon also wrote The Floating Island, and of course I will have to add it to next year's reading list. BOOKS.

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4 Musings

  1. It does sound complicated..but aren't all families? I dunno why..I just picture Zena pregnant fighting the bad guys.

  2. Great review. You do peak my interest with FANTASY.


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