Eats: Green Bean Casserole

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One of the advantages of getting to the farmer's market later in the day, is that the vendors do not want to load up the leftover produce back into their trucks. So what do they do? They make you deals. I went to buy some potatoes from a very nice lady and she gave me two pounds of green beans for a dollar. We had grown some green beans this year, but they were very few so I normally just stir-fry them as a side dish. Green bean casseroles are kind of more of a winter dish I guess, but it just sounded really good. I made this on the weekend and we ate from it for almost a whole week (with other food, of course). 

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2 pounds of fresh green beans, chopped into 1-2 inch pieces.
2-3 spoons of extra virgin olive oil
1 medium onion, sliced thin
3 tablespoons of flour
Sea salt
Black pepper
2 1/2 cups milk
1-2 cups bread crumbs.

Preheat oven to 425. In a large pan, heat up some olive oil and then add the green beans and some salt and pepper, stirring and cooking until a little brown but still firm and crispy. Set aside. Add oil and onion to pan and cook until onion is golden brown. Add the flour, more salt and pepper, and cook for another minute. Slowly add the milk, cooking until sauce thickens, about four minutes or so. 

Transfer half of the cooked beans to a baking-safe dish. Cover with half of the sauce, add the rest of the beans and again coat with the rest of the sauce. Add bread crumbs. You can make bread crumbs by putting a slice of bread in the blender on ice crush, 1 slice = 1 cup. Top the casserole with crumbs and cheese. Bake until crumbs and cheese begin to brown (about 5 minutes). Let cool, then eat!

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11 Musings

  1. We're totally making green bean casserole this weekend with green beans we got from our CSA, I'm not kidding! It just sounded so good!

  2. So great to see this recipe. Such comfort food!

  3. Oh Wow..and to have fresh green beans too. YUM!

  4. Such a wonderful foodie post!!

  5. i love green beans! you can get some really good deals at farmer's markets. good for you sara!

  6. This is the dish that I am going to attempt to make for Thanksgiving this year. It looks yum, and seems so perfect for fall/the holidays!! :)

  7. tiffanty made green bean casserole before and i never tried it. haha

  8. Yum!

    On your kid post-- I totally understand. I actually really wanted kids, but found out I may not be able to have them. That's what my surgery was about. It was a big reason I decided to go back to school- I can't pretend I may have kids in my life, so I'm going to focus on having a fun life and hope kids are a part of it.


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