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10:30 AM


I wore this when we went shopping around Eastern Market and one of the vendors told me that I reminded her of Betsy Johnson, woot-woot! Crazy pattern-mixing FTW!

Sunday night Kyle, our friend Dan, and I were all invited to our friends Vic & Carrie's for dinner. I have been invited over to friend's homes for dinner before, but this was the perfect blend of casual and fancy! We met Carrie and Vic when they opened Detroit Underdog well over a year ago now. They are always super-nice to us, as well as get our crazy and rude sense of humor. Even if I don't buy food from them, I have to stop in visit if they are out-it is a requirement.


Anyway, I always order a veggie dog from them, and do a lot of vegetarian posts on this blog here so Carrie and Vic decided to surprise us with an all-vegetarian meal! I have never felt so special, most of the time when I choose to not eat meat, people scoff and call me things like "un-American" or whatever, but they went out of their way to make something without meat in it! And let me tell you, it was incredible! 

They made a giant plate of homemade hummus, grilled veggies, pita bread, homemade fresh bread slices, and lentils cooked in veggie broth. I am pretty sure there is an actual name for that, but I would like to refer to it as: The Plate Of Awesomesauce. They also made a veggie lasagna that was completely incredible. I could have eaten the whole pan of it, and have been craving it every day since. 

After we stuffed our faces, Carrie showed me how to make cinnamon rolls! It was a good 85 degrees or so out that day and she still took the time to show me how to make them. She also showed me her recipe for a glaze sauce and it was delicious. It smelled like Christmas when she took them out of the oven. They didn't just feed us the rolls, oh no, they added ice cream, homemade granola, whipped cream, and fresh fruit. Seriously, so spoiled! They have ruined food for me. Nothing else looks appetizing. I am super-excited to make the rolls with Liam soon though. You know, maybe when the mid-west decides to stop being Hades. 

  A F

The perfect ending to the weekend, even if I could barely talk and was a gross slime-ball. Dan, Kyle, and I are already plotting on having Vic & Carrie over to the house soon, but I already know that whatever I make will not be as delicious.

Dress & Earrings-Target
Head wrap-c/o Modcloth 
Bag & Glasses-Urban Outfitters
Necklace-Rustbelt Market 

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11 Musings

  1. I love your crazy pattern mixing! This look is really cute! I love the colors, so much orangey goodness! I also like the new look you've got going with the blog!

  2. Awwww! That was awesome that they made a veggie dinner. They sound like great friends. Glad you guys had a wonderful time.

  3. i want to be friends with them! yum, that all sounds so yummy!! and i love your pattern mixing, too!! what a great outfit!

  4. Loved this post almost as how much I love your outfit! Super cute!! One of my best friends is a vegetarian and it seems everyone I know these days is now turning vegan (except they could care less about the animals). Once upon yours truly was a vegetarian and I think it's awesome you are one!! It's so much fun getting creative with recipes AND there are so many more options these days for vegans, vegetarians, GF, etc.


  5. Sounds amazing! We made babcanush..which I'm sure isn't spelled right..its basically eggplant humus.

    LOVE..love your outfit!

  6. Oh, you guys had such a great meal! Beautiful orange outfit!

  7. Such a great outfit! Sounds like a great time!!!

  8. You look too cute, Sara. I have always wanted to try the 'headwrap' thing, but it never works on me - no clue why. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. Ho hum...

    I think it's adorbs that they made you an all-vegetarian meal - sounds yum!! :)

  9. Such a summery look! Love the colors and prints!

    You know that now I'm craving for all the goodies you ate, right?! :D

  10. You can totally see your weight loss in these shots. You look so cute.


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