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10:30 AM

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Oy! Yesterday I had one of those thoughts, you know, a small idea like: "Hey, I should really go through my closet and do a purge". Which turned into: "I don't like half of my wardrobe anymore, why do I have so much stuff?". Which lead to: "I should clean out ALL the rooms in the house! We need to simplify our lives!", and was all super-motivated until I picked up Liam, got home and wanted nothing more than a nap. 

However, as much as I do adore having projects and all of that, I really do feel like some changes need to be made. I hate being so tired all of the time from trying to squeeze everything in, it isn't fun if you are too cranky to enjoy it, amiright? That being said, I am back to revisiting my resolutions! Woot woot!

Read 4 books per month-Fail
Watch 4 movies per month-Fail
Finish kitchen-Done
Finish guest bedroom-Nope
Novel-Nothing new, did some practice writing though
Repair/hem clothes-One dress down. 
Learn to crochet-Done
Learn to sew-Nope
Organize photos on flickr & laptop-Nope
Learn how to manicure-Done
Cook 1 new dish per week-Done
Be punctual-Let's be serious.
Finish classic who-I am so far behind on this, I am crying. 
Lose weight-As of today-down 16 pounds. 

Dress & Earrings-Target
Bow-Forever 21
Bag-Urban Outfitters
Necklace-Rustbelt market

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12 Musings

  1. First - I love this outfit! The plaid shirt looks so cute with the red dress!

    Second - eh, the best laid plans sometimes, it is good to have fun too!

    Third - down 16 pounds! That is awesome!!

  2. I purge my closet ALL the time. I don't know why but it usually takes multiple rounds of cleaning and not wearing something for years (stuff from college) for me to get rid of it.

    Good luck on those resolutions. xo

  3. HaHa Sara! Sometimes our tastes change. Have you thought about selling some of your stuff on eBay? It's a great way to make extra change. When I get tired of stuff I put it on there.

  4. So fetching today! I think you are getting a lot done. Have a great 4th!

  5. Love this outfit! Its hard to focus..sometimes..at least for me. I'm like you..just get me started..and no telling where it might.

  6. This is one of my favorite outfits from you! Love the color palette and the combo of plaid with lace!

    On another note, I don't know why but I never respect my resolutions. I always postpone and I end never doing it.

  7. Your impulse to accomplish so much is admirable, but you're tired 'cause you're trying to do so much. There's a solution -- you need to hire an assistant. Someone who'll run after the simple tasks, freeing you up for the more difficult chores. Just tell Kyle to add it into your budget. :)

  8. I love that dress and plaid combo! Too cute!

    And I want to lose 10 pounds myself. Congrats on dropping 16!

  9. This color looks fantastic on you, Sara - it makes your cheeks look so rosy! :)

  10. Sara I also do not like half of my wardrobe and why have so many clothes who are stacked ... I also need to organize and missing so many things to be completed and already I realized that the house is disorganized life gets more hectic tmabem because we just do not contrando nothing in place .. have to change

    beautiful clothes

    also loved your hair is gorgeous

    kisses kisses

  11. I've recently decided I have too much clothes even though a lot of them have tears or rips that I end up stitching up a little. . .but I see too many threadbare clothing on children in other countries that I feel incredibly guilty having the amount of clothes I have. . .so that explains the lack of clothing posts from me lately. Did you enjoy your purging of your closet?
    Great job on learning to crotchet!!! I try to read 4-6 books a week (which I do), but I was sad this week because I am not even halfway through my current book I'm reading and have already been reading it for a week. I get sleepy when I read it, even during the day. Hope you have better success in the reading area!! I like this top with the dress! Looks so fun!!


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