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Another month has come and gone, so it is time for me to revisit my resolutions! much as I would rather not.  I am still a bit crabby today guys, and it is not even Monday's fault. Poor Monday, always getting shit for being the start of the week and all, Monday has gotta be such a sad panda. 

Resolution progress:

Read four books- I read 3
Be punctual-Eh, been okay.
Watch 4 movies-Done
Lose weight-As of today-13.3 
Finish Kitchen-Nope
Guest room-Nope
Back & Front yard-Phase 1 is complete!
Novel-Nothing :(
Repair/Hem clothes-Nope
Learn to crochet-Done! (well, I made a scarf)
Learn to sew-Nope
Organize all photos on laptop & flickr-Still nothing
Learn to manicure-I think I actually got this one
Cook 1 new dish per week-Done! Have actually been managing about 2
Watch Classic Who-Watched the Fourth Doctor's special, that is all :(

I am sad that I am behind on reading, but my excuse is the fact that my car died mid-month and I had to scramble around for a new one. That and the yard took a long time to get through, and we still are not finished. I did take some pics, they will be up this afternoon. 

Dress & Vest-Thrifted
Earrings & Bracelet-Target 
Belt-Mackinac Island Gift Shop
Bag & Earrings-Urban Outfitters

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5 Musings

  1. I hear you, I take stock at the end of each month too and am often disappointed at the progress I made. But look at what you DID manage to do, I think that is pretty awesome!

    Also awesome? This outfit - I love it!

  2. Hang in there Sara! It'll be ok! Just do what you can when you can. Use your list more as a guide. Some months will be better than others.

  3. are a woman in progress..and accomplished so much this past month! Go you!

  4. Love the outfit. You have been busy!

  5. Congrats on what you have done. I am on the diet train too. Lots of workouts and soup. :(


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