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Some advice: If you move into a house that has a lot of weed trees growing around it, and people tell you to cut them down because they grow very fast, you should cut them down. Not only do they grow fast, but, they drip sap everywhere, and will also spawn other weed trees from it's seeds. I know right. The leaves you see here are the bottom branches of the tree we cut down, with handsaws, and stacked up on the side of the road for the city to pick up. We still have part of the truck to cut down, as well as pull the stump out, or the bastard will grow back. Even more fun? There are three more behind the garage that we need to get to next weekend. I am hoping we will have a chainsaw to use because handsaws take FOREVER. Also all of the lifting and cutting, guys, I am sore. 

Other than being horrible lumber jacks, the weekend was pretty good! We went to a Tiger's game with Kyle's family and Liam, they won and there were fireworks after the game. Saturday I got a haircut, met up with some friends for a walk, cleaned out my car, and saw a friend's band play. Kyle and I did stay out a bit late, but it was nice to just come home at the end of the night and not have 5-6 people at the house drinking until 5 am, not that I ever stay awake for that. Good weekend was good!

Dress & Belt-Thrifted
Boots & Coat-Modcloth
Bag & Earrings-Urban Outfitters

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6 Musings

  1. Oh weeds. The fun never ends! My husband was very busy with weeds this year!

    Glad you had a good weekend though! And your hair looks so cute with the clip!

  2. I am such a baby, I just want to live in an apartment forever so I never have to do this stuff. My mom is forever battling with her backyard. I hope that you borrow a chainsaw to make it easier, I'd lend you one if I were closer! Also, outfit pics w chainsaw in hand would be epic hahaha.

    I LOVE the hairclip!!!

  3. You are so cute. The hairclip is adorbs. Glad the Tigers are doing well.

  4. Trees are nothing but problems. I have a degree in Environmental. You know love the trees and all, but I will cut those suckers down in a minute. You guys be careful, that's how accidents happen (when you're tired). Hope you get some help. Love your dress Sara! So pretty.

  5. Thanks for the tip ... I am the typicall that would NOT cut it, before reading this post of course. I love your hair, you look adorable and I seriously wish I could look as pretty as you with your hair length and hairdo.
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  6. Now, Now, you are not terrible lumberjacks, hahahahaha. You are adorable in this beautiful dress though and I love that little bow!!!!!


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