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Cliche? Yes. But the cause of my lack-of-sleep is that I can not not stop doing things. It is always: "One more chapter of this novel", "We can totally stay up an extra half-hour for this movie", "I'll come to bed as soon as these cookies are done!". It is never: "Oh, let me fold one last pile of laundry!", pffft! 

I honestly about cried when my car broke down again because I had just asked Kyle about taking a trip, on account of us not having an actual honeymoon yet. Of course once you ponder an idea like that aloud, your car breaks down, your house catches on fire, your wallet gets stolen, etc. I didn't mind not really going somewhere new when I was in school, because when I finally chose a major, it was one that was actually very interesting to me, and I loved it. It is the most depressing concept to me that I will never read all of the books, see all of the movies, or visit all of the places in the world. 

So how do I fill that void? By cramming in as much as I can. I am constantly cooking and baking things I have never tried to before, I am trying my hardest to cram in a book and a movie a week. I want to learn how to use a sander without breaking it so that I can make something pretty and useful out of something ugly and broken. I like seeing my friends because of the interesting and ridiculous conversations we have, I like staying in so that I can process all of these things, rest and recharge for the next round. I keep piling things I want to do and learn to my list, because life is short, and I want to do everything. 

Of course when I wake up on the couch after passing out for 12 hours straight, remind me of this blog post-that I bring this on myself. 

Sweater-Old Navy
Purse-Urban Outfitters

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10 Musings

  1. You're doing a lot Sara! And you have wonderful goals! But remember to do everything in moderation. Slow it down a bit. If not your body will do it for you. It's ok not to accomplish everything today. Prioritize. Do some things tomorrow. They can wait. I know how you feel. Sometimes when it rains (problems) it pours. I have my days.

  2. sara, you look really COOL! i love your outfit :))

  3. What major did you take, again?
    I really love the outfit and I hope you enjoy your time on the couch and napping and all.

  4. charming look! amazing bag and shoes!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  5. Its great to see you having a good time..while you are doing it! You are inspiring! Love the stripes!

  6. Lovely!

    Its great to see how you get in there and try so many new things!

  7. I love how you're living life fully. That's so good to see. I also like how adorable you dress -- this outfit rocks.

  8. love this outfit! super cute and fun! the boots, jacket, all darling!

  9. yes, I know what you mean but sometimes its better to take it one thing at the time. Usually, wanting to do everything, be everywhere, know it all, is very frustrating because we know we can't, I, personally feel like 'trap', like 'jailed, so I also like to bake or workout but lately I have find myself actually relaxing and doing absolutely nothing :).
    Love your A line skirt. So glad to see they are back. I have a pair that want to wear sometime soon. that style is so cute.
    You look adorable.
    P.S: Sanders are heavy duty girl
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  10. love your look :)



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