Little Bits: Mini Cactus Farm

8:36 PM

Kyle and I have been busting our butts on the yard, but we are not done yet, so I thought I would share some pics of our little indoor garden. Which mostly consists of cacti, because I am really great at not killing those. There is also the magical Ikea plant I bought two years ago that outgrew it's pot and then kept growing, despite the fact that I keep neglecting it. 

Also, owl. Because, owls are cool. 

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8 Musings

  1. HaHa! They're easy to take care of. Yours are so cute.

  2. i have found that with succulents, sometimes a little neglect is the best thing!

  3. Whoa!! cactuses look so cool!! :D do they require a lot of care?? :)

  4. They look great. Love all the different pots and planters you used.


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