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10:52 AM

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I am sure everyone is tired of me babbling on about being busy, but busy I am. Tonight I am taking Liam to his band concert at my old high school, woot. I used to get mad when people assumed that Liam was my kid, now they just look at me like I am a horrible parent. Tomorrow it looks like I am going to apply for a loan so I can start looking for a new car (poop on you adulthood), and I might have to learn how to drive a manual so that I can borrow my brother's car for the time being. 

But not all of the craziness is bad, my friend Stevie is on her way to Detroit! It looks like we are going to have a hair-dying party, watch movies/TV, stalk some celebrities, go to the giant-ass book store, drink tea, BBQ, AND, attend con! Or, as I like to call it: KHAAAANNN!

Dress-Forever 21
Jacket & Sweater-Thrifted
Bag-Urban Outfitters
Necklace-Rustbelt Market 

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8 Musings

  1. Bummer about having to get a new car! It sounds like you have a fun friend visit to look forward to at least!

    Love the yellow and black and white combo!

  2. You busy girl! HaHa That'll be great if you can borrow your brother's car in the meantime. Will give you extra time to think about what you'll purchase. You're going to have a great time with your friend Stevie! You go to so many fun events you should make a video of your escapades!

  3. Awww in a way it's good you're getting a new car! More reliable than having one that breaks down. :) Also love your denim jacket with the tartan skirt! Very cute!!

    xo – Sheila
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  4. This is so adorable! Aw, about the band concert..I miss those moments now.

    Sounds like some uber fun is in the works!!!

  5. All these best on the learn..and driving a manual. Best of luck!

    Love the blue in your outfit!

  6. So adoring your outfit! Here's to having a car you love and is good to you!

  7. Love the sweater with the dress! I hope you get the car you want and sounds like some fun is coming your way! I wonder what color your hair will be.

    Recently, a co-worker dyed his hair dark red before talking to some elementary students about the summer reading program..some little girl asked him if it was natural. She really loved his red hair.

  8. Oh..yes..so busy..wishing you some great times ahead and some sweet adventures in a new car!!


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