We Love The Zoo

10:30 AM

I really, really love the Detroit Zoo. I love the Zoo so much that when Kyle and I bought a membership back in the fall, we put it in my name because we knew I would drag people with me to go. Saturday was the first time that we have gone this year, I am sad to admit. However, I do plan on going more often. 

We went for an event called "Bunniville", assuming there would be bunnies. There were NO BUNNIES. There was a guy in an Easter bunny costume, as well as other bunny-themed things, but no bunnies to be seen. Sadness. It did not stop Kyle from taking some great photos, as per usual, and we still had a lot of fun. Definitely need to make these date-things a regular thing.  

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8 Musings

  1. Great animal shots! Zoos are lots of fun.

  2. How fun!! Makes me wish I were visiting a zoo! :D

  3. Awe!! Your zoo trip looked like so much fun! They should've had bunnies to accompany the guy in the easter bunny costume.


  4. Um, these pictures are excellent. They're like stills from an animal planet documentary or something.

    I haven't been to the zoo in so long. & I like practically down the street from it. Although I do have some fantastic childhood memories at that zoo. *stares nostalgically at the sky*

  5. That's ashame there weren't any real bunnies. HaHa Great pics girl! I love the zoo here in New Orleans.

  6. Great pics! I love our zoo here, too.

  7. Such cool pics. What a wonderful time.


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