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Whither we mean to or not, we as a society tend to categorize everything. It is really annoying when it comes to people, because putting labels on human beings tends to identify them with one characteristic. For instance: I was talking with my friend Chris last night and he says that he usually tells people that he loves working on computers, and then immediately follows up with his other passion: playing guitar. Why? because we cannot sum up an entire person's entity with one description. But we do it anyway. 

For years people who have not met Kyle (co-workers, classmates, online friends) have asked me what kind of guy he is, and it always kinda annoyed me. No matter what I picked, nothing ever seemed to 'fit' Kyle. Suddenly the map of the high school cafeteria from 'Mean Girls' comes to mind: Jocks, nerds, band-geeks, etc. Kyle really loves baseball, but he has not played any sports since he was in his early teens. He likes to read, he likes dramas, chick-flicks, & war movies, he can be sensitive, loves animals, likes to golf (barf), is very into gardening, likes camping, old buildings, collecting coins, and thrifting. Seems to me the best description would be: Human Being. 

However, for the sake of categorizing people, if I HAD to pick a label for Kyle, it would probably be this: Old man. 

Boots & Sunglasses-Forever 21
Bag-Urban Outfitters
Coat & Sweater-Thrifted

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7 Musings

  1. hahahaa..old man.

    I think there is a bit of "old man" in all of this. Funny, I think this when I think of my brother. Although, he has done some crazy things over the years. Still, give this man a cross word puzzle. Any kind of puzzle and he takes to it.

    Love your dress!

  2. I agree, putting labels on people really is kind of silly. I love that you say that Kyle is an "old man"! The best I can say for my hubby is "geek" but I mean it in the nicest way possible since I'm one too.

  3. hahahaha wow. "Old Man". . .interesting!!!
    I don't know . . .it is difficult to put people into a simple label when there are so many interests that everyone has.

  4. i wasn't expecting old man! hahahaha people think they know you, but they don't. they label base on what they "see" which isn't looking that far into the depths of who a person truly is. LOL

  5. Your point is so true. I used to answer this question in the conventional way by saying I'm a "lawyer" but that is so inaccurate a description of me. People think lawyers are aggressive and I'm the opposite. Now I tell people I'm a motorcyclist who wears women's clothing. :)

    The only accurate way we should describe Kyle is: "a man who has the intelligence and good fortune to love the most adorable girl in the world."

    P.S., Thanks for answering my question about your header. I thought I was losing my mind...

  6. i was talking about this subject at work. some of the kids like to label people. we have the popular girls or guys, losers, greeks etc it's fucking annoying as hell! one girl didn't want to sit next to a nice sweet quiet guy because he was loser and alittle different( he's like comic books and carry a iron man lunch box.)... what the fuck yes these are middle school but the kid look alright to me. he's the sweetest kid ever. i'm sorry this long but this is subject i hate.

    but i really like your dress


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