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I know it is that time of year when everyone is constantly complaining about what is going on outside, the temperature and the like. In all fairness, I think Michigan forgot how to weather. It was snowing when Kyle and I took Louie out Sunday morning, then it was 70 yesterday. Yep, Michigan is where Dairy Queen opens in February, but Spring does not really get here until the end of May. Mind over matter, eh? Eh?

We try.

Jacket & Bag-Urban Outfitters
Necklace-Love 21

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4 Musings

  1. MN is the same way. Dairy Queen opened in March, but we won't have warm weather until May. Maybe not even then! Sigh.

    I love the skirt and yellow sweater!

  2. I know that feeling...

    Love the yellow in your outfit.

  3. That is funny about Dairy Queen. Ours used to do that..but now its open all year.

    Love your skirt!!

  4. My aunt in Cincinnati was saying the same thing! HaHaHa Love DQ, but hardly any here.


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