Hump Day

10:30 AM

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Happy Hump-day! I never think of "Hump-day" in a sexual way. I always picture a camel in my head. Like I am going to wake up on a Wednesday morning, come downstairs and find that my coffee is already made and there is a giant camel in my kitchen, wearing a pretty yellow apron. He hands it over to me and says "Good Morning Sara!" and I say "Good morning Charlie!" (apparently his name is Charlie). I take a sip, then compliment his coffee-making abilities and he thanks me. I proceed to get ready for work, and as I leave he waves (because if Charlie can can talk and make coffee, he can also wave) and shouts from the porch "Have a nice day at work, Happy hump day!" 

Also, the pin reads "Keep Calm, I'm The Doctor". I think I should start introducing myself as that to strangers. You know, mix it up a little-or take pride in confusing innocent beings, same difference really. 

Purse, Shirt, & Jeans-Target
Gloves & Headband-Urban Outfitters
Necklace & Pin-Gifts

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9 Musings

  1. yes indeed! hahaha sara, what's in YOUR coffee? ahahhahaha love the camel story. great outfit my friend. love that jacket.

  2. ROFL - I think Charlie the Camel is awesome. And I too do not think of hump day in a sexual manner, I think of it as a giant hill that I've reached the top of and now I get to roll on down the other side!

  3. Girrrrrl, I love the outfit! That coat!!! Charlie is the perfect name for a camel (and for my son). I rarely picture animals talking but I can always picture a camel talking. Your blog always brightens my day. Just wanted to let you know :)


  4. You're awesome. Camels and Doctor Who. Plus a chic sweater. Your blog is the place to be!

  5. I love your little story! Great hair too!

  6. Sweet! Such a great modcloth item! Is any of your photos on the modcloth page. They should be!

  7. Wednesday is suburgatory for me. Love your outfit.

  8. This is sooo cuuuuuute!!!! Those mittens! That bag! Ugh, seriously, amazing outfit.

  9. Pretty sure you were subconsciously thinking of,

    "Good morning Charlie"
    "Good morning angels" hahaha

    Kelsey @


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